Nov 6, 2012

Shopping Diaries

Last month, I ran out of money for like 2 weeks because of the too much expenses on my house renovation. I never bought anything for myself even a worth 1 peso thingy. I've been tempted for so many times on so many things and I cant afford to buy anything even the cheaper ones. (Good thing I still have my lovely sponsors who give me freebies ^^ )  That's why the time that I had money already, 1.. 2... 3... Magic word: SHOPPING! 
2 of my my favorite local shops, SO FAB and Jellybean :)

I am satisfied and contented that I already have tons of clothes, that's why I didnt bother myself to buy any. I opted to buy shoesies coz I feel like I still need to fill my collection of shoes! hihi. Not to mention that I lost tons of them during the Habagat flood tragedy. :( 

of course I also had shopping for the birthday boy coby!
It costs me 600+ pesos for that superman costume, san beda brief, and the socks/shoes.

A few stuff for myself. :) By the way, I still haven't got my phone that I forgot on my friend's car huhu. So Im just trying to survive myself on my temporary old blackberry phone. Thus, I bought some stuff for DIY-ing it hihi. 

Christmas is coming and Im planning to buy a Christmas tree for my house and have some kris kringle with my friends and boyfie. We will collect the gifts under my christmas tree and we will open all of them during the christmas eve :) What do you think?
What if I we have a kris kringle too? 
I think that sounds fun! And that's a great idea for interacting with my readers! :)
Any suggestions/ideas? hihi.
So, how's your november so far? :) 

Kris Kringle is another variation of Santa Claus's name. it is - also - another name for Secret Santa.

if you dont know what Secret Santa is, you pull out names from a box/hat and you secretly send gifts to that person each week according to the theme and range of prices (like something soft that costs $5-$10) - usually lasts until the Christmas Party and you reveal yourself to your secret santa

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