Nov 15, 2012


I've been eying this dress for so long. Finally its on stock again! wee! :D

Another paillette !! I have this love on paillettes. Or in my own term, "Small sequins"
I asked how much the paillettes fabric on Fabric Warehouse and it costs 1,000php!
Too expensive right? No wonder why pailettes dresses/blouses are so expensive.

This dress is too cute when worn :) I am seeing this dress from some international bloggers and I just loved it! So there, ADD TO BAG!

Velvet leggings! Perfect for school :)

Isn't this cute? :)

6 items with a total of 173$ and its all for FREE! I am so glad to have this kind of opportunity. Being a Romwe Girl is Awesome! That's why you better watch out on my next blog post!
It is a good news to everyone! :)



  1. How did you get that for free? Envy you! :/

  2. Hi Anna! I am one of their official fashion bloggers :) You can join their fashion blogger program too! But you have to meet their requirements :)


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