Nov 30, 2012

Palauig Day 1 Outfit

In continuation of my post HERE, Before I make kwento of what happened on our mini- vacation,  I will show you what I wore on "Day 1" :)
I am not the kind of girl who picks the best clothes they have for a vacation. Im different,
Me, I just get whatever comfy clothes I have, put it in my baggage, and then wear whatever I get.
I dont usually mix and match outfits on a vacation because for me, I am having a vacation to unwind. To relax. To get free from technology and just feel the nature :)
"Worry Free" Indeed.
Thats why I just opt to wear a swimsuit under my most comfortable dress.
Pile some accessories. A slippers, and a bag to place my necessities.
Ooops. I forgot, Most important of all. SHADES! hihi.
And then there, I can split cart wheel crawl and anything I want on my most comfortable outfit. :)

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Say hello to the cutest dog! :)

I told you this outfit is the most comfy of all! :D I can even ride a bicycle! hihi..

How's your long weekend going so far?
By the way, It's Trishie Couture charity this sunday! :)

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