Nov 27, 2012

Jeans at School


So this is what I wore on a regular hectic school day. Oha Oha! I owre a jeans to school! Who said I dont wear jeans? :P
Atleast I can be fashionably appropriate right? :D hihi..

Mini Stolen Shot.  Im not ready yet! Haha.

And ooohhhh geeezzzzz Pls just ignore my shoes! I am really in a hurry that time As usual Im runnin late  that's why I just opt to take an outfit shot without wearing a good shoes :( Well I cant wear heels on a very hectic schedule. 

Atleast Now you know that its true that a shoes is really part of an outfit huh? 
Atleast it didnt ruin my whole look. Well almost.
Bought this floral statement necklace on such an affordable price on my so called "Secret Shop" :)

I will sell this top on my 2nd batch of closet sale! So watch out for that :)

Top- from states
Jeans- Thrifted for 20php
Belt- Zara
Shades and necklace- My Secret Shop
Bag- Japan
Cardigan- Forever21

And ohhh by the way!! Visit my Trishie Couture Website at :)
It is under construction though :)

That's all for today! Another busy day ahead of me.

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  1. whaaaat? That jeans is only 20 pesos??? WOOOOW!!! it looks expensive! and That necklace, i loove it!
    You are so chic! always visiting your blog. :))) here.:)))


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