Nov 15, 2012


Hi dollies! Im back from our vacation on our rest house! I really had a such great weekend with my boyf, my best friends and my family :) 
Now, I am here at school and using my one and only break time to blog just for you my loooves :) Suddenly, I found out that this blog post, has been published on my blog since the day I left Manila. I prolly clicked the "Publish" button instead of the "Save" Button resulting an empty words in this post.
Not a big deal right?

So this is what I wore on a regular sunny school day..

This dress is really simple yet stunning. It is my friend's dress that she left in my house for already like 3 years ago and I think I just have to wear it :D Hi chako! Do you mind of me wearing this? :D 
By the way, I damn-fucking MISS YOU!!! :( and I wanna greet you a belated
I am sorry to greet you late, I've been out of the town, relaxing and technology free. Pls let me take this opportunity to greet you even late :)
I love you so much!!!  I really hope to see you soon, even though you've been "indian"-ing me for so many times already. huhuhu :( You still owe me! Remember your "Babawi ako" words for me :/
I know for sure that you had a great birthday :) 
You better see me and get my gift girl! Hihi..

Thank you Shy Shop for this wallet :)

Dress- Kamiseta
Wallet- Shy Shop
Pearl Bracelet- Get Laud!
Watch- Omega

By the way, meet my friend, Cha :)

Way back when my hair was still curly :)

Before I end this blog, I have a Good news!
Black Friday is coming and I can’t wait to tell you about our big Black Friday Sale!
Up to 70% off, Romwe Annual Sale in 2012.
From Nov 21st to 26th.

 More surprise on November 21st!

Long and busy week ahead of me :(
How bout you?

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