Nov 29, 2012

Dela Cruz' Rest House

Hello dollies! If you're a fan on my facebook HERE, or a follower on my twitter @trishiedc, You'll know that my friends and I had a mini vacation on our rest house last last weekend.
Yay! Finally! I got the chance to bring some of my friends there :D 
Before I make kwento about our mini vacation, Let me show you the place first :)
Alam mo na, Miss Architect! Hihi..  And we didn't know, maybe you're one of my readers/viewers whom I'll bring there next time! :D db? :D
By the way, Our rest house is not for rent. It is strictly for private/family use only 

Entrance way

Right and rear view of the house

The Messy Room. I wasnt able to take photos of the bed room :(
View from the house

Storage room, Tank tower, and a well
Outside the property line. The area is still almost empty. That's why our rest house is like a super private resort. hehe.
Amber the Siberian Husky
Volleyball net and the tree house
Closer View of the tree house
Mini pond and the Mono block table and chairs
Table Tennis
Our Jetski
Jetski road on the way to the beach
Our Boat 

More pictures of the beach soon! hihi..

This place is such a perfect relaxing and unwinding place for my family and friends :) 

Long week end every one!!!!! hihi..

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