Nov 10, 2012

Coby's Birthday bash

Do you remember my blog post HERE? I said that it was my baby Coby's 3rd Birthday last October 22 and my boyf (his daddy) and I threw up a party for him last october 29 :) So here it was!
(I supposed to go to Philippine Fashion Week shows that night but yeah, I chose Coby over it)

It supposed to be a snack time or Mirienda time but the visitors came late. as usual :|
Fish ball, wek-kwek, kikiam, pansit, and cheese sticks! yuumy! I love finger foods kaya :P

We came from San Beda vs. Letran's Championship game before Coby's party :) And yep! San Beda won! Red lions roar! rooooar! Hahahaha chos  :))

Okay okay I told you I will post about this championship thingy, and yes I will! Just give me time to upload backlogs! okaay? :D 

Moving on...

I only invited my closest friends because I cannot accommodate all of my friends in my house.
Its like 3 groups of my friends came, excluding some of my relatives :)
I told you, all of my friends are also Coby's friends as well. That's how famous he is! hihi..

My niece and  inaanak:)

Coby's birthday party wouldn't be complete without party hats! hihi..
And videoke! Concert mode! haha!
Meet my best friend, Mades :) She is so pretty right? :)
Hi kambal!

My 2nd mother (Mom of Mades)
Hi tita Becks! Thanks for coming! hihi

of course Coby have his own visitors too! His pet friends! Haha :)

My 2nd family :) Simplest yet Best friends ever! :)
We were friends for already 8 years :)

So this is the start of the typhoon in my house! Nooo! :|

Angsaya lng nila no? haha!
Guess what? It's just their first time to see each other :) hihi.

Okay my turn!

This was inside my room :)

"Tell me who your friends are, I'll tell you who you are"
O diba angpe-pretty and handsome lng! Mana-mana lng! hehe chos! 
Super cuuute gab gab! kagigil!! :D will blog about her 1st birthday party soon!
P.S. I made her gown on her parteeey! hihi. ^^

And so my baby got tiiiired.

Gambling Lords. hmp. :| hehe.
I love the feeling that my friend becomes also a friend of my friend. Its like "Friend of friend", Friend. 
K. haha!

So this is the best part of Coby's birthday. Losers will have a shot and will be tongs or "sipit" on any part of the body :)) HAHA!
I cant believe that I don't have any picture with "sipit" :| well maybe because I'm the one whose taking pictures. hehe bleeeh :P

How was it my brothaaa? :)))))) 

Okay mahal its your turn!

oooopsss. papalag pa eh! haha!

Huli ka! Sipit sa ut*ng beybeh! :)))))) hihi. I still  love you anyway :)

Coby's Birthday was a BLAST! I swear!
P.S. That was the first party held in my newly renovated house :)

How about you dollies? Do you also have a pet who celebrates his/her birthday through a party? 
Dont forget to invite Coby! hihi..

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