Nov 22, 2012

Classic Lace Dress

I wore this on a regular casual day. And this is very unusual to me because I wore three main pieces that are thrifted. Honestly, I dont do this kind of dressing up because my principle is kind of a balance. Its like, when I wear one thrifted item, then I should balance it with a branded item such as Forever 21, Zara or even local brands will do. But this time, I tried something new :) 


Laces are really my thing. I am such a girly, dainty and feminine person. That's why I bought this lace dress on a thrift store without thinking twice. By the way, I bought this lace dress way back when laces are still not yet in season. It only costs me 60php :) Remember what I've told yout that I will never buy on a thrift store if it is above 100? Well yah. My principles/fashion rules didn't changed. I am just being practical. You know, it is already 2nd or 3rd or Nth hand, so why will I buy expensive thrift items? You can even buy a brand new clothes that are less than a hundred. Its like, I only do buy on a thrift store because there is nothing to regret because of its very affordable price. Who will regret of buying a 20php or 10php clothes anyway? It is only a bonus that you have a creative hands (like me) where you can reinvent the pieces. Not to mention that I can do my own clothes. That's why it is kinda "Damn-this-expensive-thrift-shop-are-you-kidding-me" everytime I see a thrift store with displayed prices which are 200 or 300 above. trololol. :))  I hope I am making sense here. hehe.


Do I look like an "ukay queen" ? I guess not :P well, its not about the brand of clothes you are wearing, weather its forever21 or thrifted. It is about how you carry your outfit :)

Thrifted items and yet, I still look elegant. Agree? :D

This bag is really such a steal! Bought it for only 80php I think?

So this is my "ukay queen" version. Did I pulled it off? :D

Instead of wearing pearls or chiffons as my accessories, I balanced the daintiness of my outfit my putting some glam on it by wearing bronze and gold accessories



Dress- Thrifted
Bag- Thrifted
Shoes- Thrifted
Hat- From friend
Necklace- Churbish Shop
Watch- omega

How about you? do you thrift? :)

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