Nov 24, 2012

Cheerleader at heart

As I promised in my post HERE, here's my blog post about me being a cheerleader :)

It all started after I studied ballet :) I was once a ballerina too! :)

And a gymnast :)

Then a cheerleader :)

It was our hobby :) Would you believe that this was at MOA?
Star Bucks :) Effortless and relaxed sitting bow and arrow 
Gym :)

Now let's move on... Lemme introduce you to my Cheerping Family :)

Our beautiful goddess mother, inay kitkat :D hihi

Look at the sweetness and the "no-malicous" act that we have in our team :) We are family :)

Its not just about training, We go to some random events and a lot of debuts! hihi..

Mr. and Ms. Cardinals performance

Thin Trishie! With our Kapitana Carla and Jane

Outing and games :)

Obviously, Halloween Partey!

Going up? Easy as pie! Thats a matter of flexibility. HAHAHA!
Normal gala and cinema day/night

And that is the oohh-so-thin-Trish
By the way, Im the architect of that sand castle. And guess what? Our team won! hahaha! 

My birthday :)

And so.. Our continuous happiness, bonding and support to each other didn't end :)

I know this post may not be as appealing as my fashion posts, but I just thought sharing to you the other side of me.  Posting something besides fashion and architecture would be something different and new. Well I guess you better get used of me posting personal posts :) And this is one reason I love about blogging. It's like an online diary for me and which helps me recall a lot of my happy memories :)

If you want to know more random things in my life, just hit the "personal posts" or the "Inspiring Words" category on my side bar ^^

I am blessed with friends :) And I thank you Lord. :)
I love you Cheerping Cardinals! :)

Outfit post tomorrow! 


  1. wow grabe girl! magkasing sexy pala tayo dati. hihihi :)) I love the family love ng mga groups and orgs like this. Sobrang I know how you feel! haha :D

  2. Wow! Nice to see a fellow cheerleader/blogger! :) I actually know some of your team mates, or I could probably have seen you already! :p

    -Mish @


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