Nov 14, 2012

Bow Ribbon

Yay Finally! I can now access google websites!
Hmm. If you are a follower on my twitter, you'll know the reason why I didn't blog lately. 
It is due because when I applied a new internet connection plan on my house, Wi-tribe, I already cant access any google websites and that include blogspot/blogger.
I dont know what the hell is the reason behind that. And luckily, I learned now how to access em. :D
Wee! So here I am again, back to blogging!
By the way, I was surprised when I got back and saw that I am still on the first page of topblogs!
Rank 40+ :> You guys are so lovely and you are always making me happy and flattered :D
I so love you for continuously supporting me even I didn't post anything this past few days. >:D<

Have you heard of the bow tie trend? :) I just tried it and I just used some of my bow hair clip :D

Thank You Swimsea Candy  for the braid and the zipper bracelet while Thank you Get Laud! for the Zebra print and the gems bracelet :)

By the way, this is just some of my backlog posts and I wore this on just a regular casual day with friends :)

Top- Jelly Bean
Bottom- Random Shop
Shades- Mint
Shoes- Jannilyn
 braid and chain bracelet - Swimsea Candy  
Zebra print and gems bracelet-  Get Laud! 

How's your November goin so far?
Me, I've been struggling to school plates and lab reports :(
Oh Mapua, Every week HELL WEEK! :|

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