Nov 23, 2012

2012 Arts Festival Parade/Event

Hi dollies! I know even some of you, my readers/viewers, knew that I am once a cheerleader.
Next year will be my senior year on our pep squad and I just have to stop training for quite some time already. Well, I guess we all have reasons and it doesn't matter if I explain it here anyway.

But last friday, while I was chilling inside our school dug out (Our so called cheerleaders' home), They asked me if I can join the parade for some event that includes all of the schools around intramuros. Well since I already don't have a next class that time, no thinking twice,  G! haha

Presenting.... Mapua Drum Corps :)
with the star flyers ^^
Stolen? Well, almost I think? hihi

This is the real stolen shot. But Ohh my baby fats :(( Pls forgive me. Do you still love me?
Dont hate me please! hehe..

With the CEO or whatever head, president or leader he is, Sir :)
Before I forgot, the event is the ribbon cutting of the 2012 Cultural Arts Month :)
With Karel.. Oops, I meant Ayee hihi :P
Befor you hate me and my baby fats, I would like to tell you that Yes! I really need to work out. But before that, lemme show you some pics of mine when I was still petite. And that would be on my next blog post :P Those are the days when I'm still an active cheerleader. By the way, I  missed cheering :) 

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