Nov 30, 2012

Palauig Day 1 Outfit

In continuation of my post HERE, Before I make kwento of what happened on our mini- vacation,  I will show you what I wore on "Day 1" :)
I am not the kind of girl who picks the best clothes they have for a vacation. Im different,
Me, I just get whatever comfy clothes I have, put it in my baggage, and then wear whatever I get.
I dont usually mix and match outfits on a vacation because for me, I am having a vacation to unwind. To relax. To get free from technology and just feel the nature :)
"Worry Free" Indeed.
Thats why I just opt to wear a swimsuit under my most comfortable dress.
Pile some accessories. A slippers, and a bag to place my necessities.
Ooops. I forgot, Most important of all. SHADES! hihi.
And then there, I can split cart wheel crawl and anything I want on my most comfortable outfit. :)

Dont you love my new necklace from my newest sponsor? INDULGE SHOP. Visit their shop to spot the most affordable accessories on the web :)
Say hello to the cutest dog! :)

I told you this outfit is the most comfy of all! :D I can even ride a bicycle! hihi..

How's your long weekend going so far?
By the way, It's Trishie Couture charity this sunday! :)

Nov 29, 2012

Dela Cruz' Rest House

Hello dollies! If you're a fan on my facebook HERE, or a follower on my twitter @trishiedc, You'll know that my friends and I had a mini vacation on our rest house last last weekend.
Yay! Finally! I got the chance to bring some of my friends there :D 
Before I make kwento about our mini vacation, Let me show you the place first :)
Alam mo na, Miss Architect! Hihi..  And we didn't know, maybe you're one of my readers/viewers whom I'll bring there next time! :D db? :D
By the way, Our rest house is not for rent. It is strictly for private/family use only 

Entrance way

Right and rear view of the house

The Messy Room. I wasnt able to take photos of the bed room :(
View from the house

Storage room, Tank tower, and a well
Outside the property line. The area is still almost empty. That's why our rest house is like a super private resort. hehe.
Amber the Siberian Husky
Volleyball net and the tree house
Closer View of the tree house
Mini pond and the Mono block table and chairs
Table Tennis
Our Jetski
Jetski road on the way to the beach
Our Boat 

More pictures of the beach soon! hihi..

This place is such a perfect relaxing and unwinding place for my family and friends :) 

Long week end every one!!!!! hihi..

Nov 27, 2012

Jeans at School


So this is what I wore on a regular hectic school day. Oha Oha! I owre a jeans to school! Who said I dont wear jeans? :P
Atleast I can be fashionably appropriate right? :D hihi..

Mini Stolen Shot.  Im not ready yet! Haha.

And ooohhhh geeezzzzz Pls just ignore my shoes! I am really in a hurry that time As usual Im runnin late  that's why I just opt to take an outfit shot without wearing a good shoes :( Well I cant wear heels on a very hectic schedule. 

Atleast Now you know that its true that a shoes is really part of an outfit huh? 
Atleast it didnt ruin my whole look. Well almost.
Bought this floral statement necklace on such an affordable price on my so called "Secret Shop" :)

I will sell this top on my 2nd batch of closet sale! So watch out for that :)

Top- from states
Jeans- Thrifted for 20php
Belt- Zara
Shades and necklace- My Secret Shop
Bag- Japan
Cardigan- Forever21

And ohhh by the way!! Visit my Trishie Couture Website at :)
It is under construction though :)

That's all for today! Another busy day ahead of me.

Nov 26, 2012


So, I told you here that I am an avid fan of San Beda Red Lions because some of their players are my personal friends. Not to mention that my boyf is an alumna. Lastly, I love watching and cheering for a basketball team. No doubt that Im a cheerleader hihi. Ohh how I wish, no,  like I really do wish that someday, Mapua will get into this kind of championship game. I cant imagine myself wearing my cheering uniform while cheering for my own school. That'll be awesome for sure! hihi. 

Yes baby Im on the court side! :)
Stolen :) And Err... the focus is on the background. hmp.
Went up to take some outfit shot. Unfortunately, my camera died. huhu :| Atleast I have one :)

Top- Mossimo
Shorts- Romwe
belt- Romwe
Bag- Thrifted
Shoes- Janilyn 
Necklace- Churbish Shop

By the way, I saved a picture of me with some of my friends from the Red Lion Prides :) I used to hang out with them way back 2010. This was at Tides Bar. Beside me is Borgie Hermida, San Beda's ex team captain :) He's now playing for PBA's Barako Bull.
Too bad I lost some other pics with them. Jake "the snake" Pascual, Borgie Hermida, Dave Marcelo, Ryusei Koga and Paolo Pontejos of the Red Lions are good friends of mine :) I got acquainted to them coz of my ex lover, J. N. who used to be a basketball player too. Not to mention that I am still an active cheerleader that time. 
The world is small, What for the basketball court? 

The San Beda College Red Lions continue to dominate the NCAA.
Forced into a game three, the reigning titlists leaned on their championship experience to win 67-39, dismantling the host school Colegio de San Juan de Letran Knights, Friday at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, to finish on top of the 88th NCAA seniors division basketball tournament.

It is the sixth time in seven years San Beda has emerged as champions in their home league. They accomplished a three-peat from 2006 to 2008, and then forged a new one with this victory, starting from 2010.
This is the second time in that stretch they've beaten Letran in the Finals round, having trounced them in two games back in 2007.

Their 17 titles in the seniors division basketball tournament is also an NCAA-high number, breaking a tie with their opponents.

Its not to late to congratulate you guys!
Mapua soon! haha char! Hoping :| lol.

Nov 25, 2012

Galaxy Asymmetrical Skirt

This is what I wore on a regular school day :) I dont normally wear jeans because It feels so hot wearing em. :| So I always tryna be fashionable appropriate in school :)
Dont you love this galaxy skirt from ROMWE? :) What I love about this is that this is not the usual blue-ish kind of galaxy skirt. So I find this skirt so unique and a scene stealer :)
It's asymmetrical shape is a bonus!
Of course I have to wear flats on a very busy day.

Bought this classy earrings on such an affordable price! And it is from my "secret" shop. hihi :P

Necklace from INDULGE SHOP
Twisted Bracelet from Fashion Avenue, Gold beads bracelet from Get Laud!

By the way, did you score your self something from BLACK FRIDAY SALE? Errr if only I can go to States easily just for a one day shopping spree! How I wish we have a thanks giving and a black friday sale here in our country too!

Top- Mint
Skirt- ROMWE
Sandals- Alexandre
Watch- Omega
Shades and earrings- My Secret Shop
Twisted Bracelet - Fashion Avenue
Gold pearl bracelet - Get Laud!
Belt- Zara

Tomorrow is Monday again :( Hell week again.. Ugghh.. I want a break from school works :|

Nov 24, 2012

Cheerleader at heart

As I promised in my post HERE, here's my blog post about me being a cheerleader :)

It all started after I studied ballet :) I was once a ballerina too! :)

And a gymnast :)

Then a cheerleader :)

It was our hobby :) Would you believe that this was at MOA?
Star Bucks :) Effortless and relaxed sitting bow and arrow 
Gym :)

Now let's move on... Lemme introduce you to my Cheerping Family :)

Our beautiful goddess mother, inay kitkat :D hihi

Look at the sweetness and the "no-malicous" act that we have in our team :) We are family :)

Its not just about training, We go to some random events and a lot of debuts! hihi..

Mr. and Ms. Cardinals performance

Thin Trishie! With our Kapitana Carla and Jane

Outing and games :)

Obviously, Halloween Partey!

Going up? Easy as pie! Thats a matter of flexibility. HAHAHA!
Normal gala and cinema day/night

And that is the oohh-so-thin-Trish
By the way, Im the architect of that sand castle. And guess what? Our team won! hahaha! 

My birthday :)

And so.. Our continuous happiness, bonding and support to each other didn't end :)

I know this post may not be as appealing as my fashion posts, but I just thought sharing to you the other side of me.  Posting something besides fashion and architecture would be something different and new. Well I guess you better get used of me posting personal posts :) And this is one reason I love about blogging. It's like an online diary for me and which helps me recall a lot of my happy memories :)

If you want to know more random things in my life, just hit the "personal posts" or the "Inspiring Words" category on my side bar ^^

I am blessed with friends :) And I thank you Lord. :)
I love you Cheerping Cardinals! :)

Outfit post tomorrow! 
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