Oct 11, 2012

Top Man Party

If you read my last post, and if you're a follower of my twitter (@trishiedc) you'll know that I attended a TopMan Party  at Rockwell and whoaaah! Ann and I won an outfit set! hihi
I know I know... This blog post is too late already. well uhh, I have a lot of backlogs :( Pls forgive me!
So, let's just let the photos and captions do the talking!

My favorite drink- Jack Daniels! 

Drinks, snacks and DJ  inside the Topman store. Cool eh?

Yo DJ!

The super tall host!

The outfit sets for prizes. We won the one on the center :) Lucky boyfie! haha. lol

My boyfie is now using the bag to his office! and it matches their uniform. Loveit!

What more can I say? Well, I had fun! :) How are you my readers?
Stay tuned for my new giveaways for this month!

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