Oct 18, 2012

Smooth and Pimple Free Face!

Last Friday night, my boyfie and my friends went to the opening of REHUB Distillery Bar and Resto. 
One of our friend is a DJ there. I wasn't able to bring any DSLR and I only used my phone for photos. 
And unfortunately, I lost my phone just last night :( So these are the only photos that I have :(
I dont even have an outfit shot and even a picture of my friend that I styled that night :(
Booo! :(
So pls just bear with this pictures. I guess you can still see the "fashionable me" with these pics. 
I hope so! :(

Dont worry guys, i will wear this outfit again for the sake of outfit shots.
okaaaay? :D 

Necklace- ROMWE
Dress used as Top- Tomato
Printed Skirt- Old Navy
bangle- Genevieve Gozum

This post is brought to you by Acne Care!
A lot of people are asking me on how do I maintain a smooth and flow less face. 
Or lets just say, look at my face! I am proud to say that I AM PIMPLE FREE!
Yes! And one reason behind this is acne care! (Do you remember my past post HERE?)
I've been drinking this for quite some time now and I can notice the GLOW on my face :)
Thanks ACNE CARE for sending me these!
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  1. How much is this? :D


  2. I love your dress top! :)) sana mabalik sayo yung phone mo. :(


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