Oct 16, 2012


Hello dollies! This will be a very quick outfit post since I need to do something important. But since I promised that I'll blog about this tonight, then I will! :)

If you're a viewer of my blog for quite some time already, you'll know that I barely spend my time for events due to my priorities such as studies, family, fashion design, boyfie and list goes on. But since Mapua gave us a 1 week vacation for our term break, I used the opportunity to use it to go to events :)
So this is just one of them - Nail it Salon Slumber Party!
It was the grand opening of their new branch at Aphaland Mall Magallanes.  I am so glad that I attended this event because it gave me an idea of what will I do for my next birthday! 
Guess what is it?  A slumber and spa party! Watcha think? hihi.. But dont expect too much. I'm still thinkin about it :)

So enough with the blah! Let's move on to the event :)

Supposedly, I had an event before this slumber party - the schu fashion workshop. But due to some errands, I wasn't able to make it there. So I came straight from school, house, then there :)

A cute pocket slippers in a pouch :)

Fact: Stick-O strawberry is my favorite!

with Bea who took our picture together :)
Hi Bea! Again, I wanna thank you for coming and judging on my Trishie Couture Event!
I really had a fun time with you at the slumber party :)

Proof HERE

Met new girlfrieeeends :) except Bea and Ann since Its not my first time to met her :)

Lovely nail arts! hihi

Pillows on a matt :)

Weee somebody wore a hello kitty bedroom slippers too! hihi

My rings who matched the theme of the party.
Pastel and sweet :)

Aryt my outfit :) Lace on Lace with chiffon pastel :)

lace Top - papers and scisscors
lace shorts - Vaintage Shoppe
Sheer top used as cover up - Vaintage Shoppe
Rings- DIY
Belt - Zara

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