Oct 22, 2012


 I've been collecting my Romwe freebies for this month (Monthly freebies and extra freebies everytime I promote their page) and finally, I just finalized my shopping cart!
So here are what I bought!
This is my favorite Romwe shopping cart so far :)
This dress is meant for me! Laces and chiffon! Very Trishie Couture!
This is actually my kind of design aesthetic and personal style. What more if I placed pearls in it huh? Can you imagine how dainty is it? hihi. Ohwell pls forgive me for too much blabber! I am just inlove with this dress! hihi. And guess what? When I saw this, it only has 1 stock left! So I didnt have any second thoughts. I clicked and placed it in my shopping cart right away!
This one is also meant for me. There is only one stock left and it is size 5! my size. hihi. 
2 shoesies for this month! yay!! Spent my Romwe freebies for shoes and a dress and I loooove em! hihi.. Cant wait to get and wear them all!

So, Have you checked my ongoing pre-love closet sale HERE? :) Well if not,
You should! I will be posting more soon!
But for the mean time, here's a second CLOSET GIVEAWAY for you my lovely readers! :)

Watch out for my 2nd batch of Blog Sale aryt? hihi.

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