Oct 17, 2012

Let's ride a boat to galaxy

Hello dollies! What do you think about my new vintage-ish blog layout?
I hope you like it! It is under construction though :)
Because of my new blog layout, I'll be giving you some treats! :)

First, ROMWE is having a SALE on their Best Seller items!
Just use the code: BEST15%

They give me freebies every month and I can swear that they really have a great selection of items!! :)
In fact, I already received the galaxy print leggings. You should get yours too! Hurry! They are only limited items left! :)
So this is the galaxy leggings that I am talking about! :) And this is how I dress up at school :)
Plus! This outfit had been featured on SM YOUTH'S FASHION RADAR - CAMPUS STYLE :)
I wasn't able to take outfit shots that day though :( But thanks Bjorn for this shot! 

So Lastly, My newest sponsor, INDULGE will be giving away this lovely necklace to my one lucky reader :) You better check out their shop because so far, they are the most affordable accessory online shop that I know! 

You know the deal, just enter the raffle copter below for entries! :)

Goodluck dollies! xoxo

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