Oct 28, 2012

I can be body beautiful at any age with wacoal

Im browsing my old profile pictures on my facebook and it reminds me again of how thin I am before. Yeah I am so thin on my early teenage-hood like I can eat whatever I want and how much I want without even gaining weight. I can remember how my relatives and friends always envy my body because they can really see how much I eat and yet I am so thin. But I dont know what the hell happened in the world that I gained so much weight now? huhu.. Maybe because I stopped training (Cheerleading) or maybe because I'm getting older (I am turning Twenteen next year) and maybe my metabolism also changed as well?

Whatever reason is it, I now find a way how to hide my baby fats! Oh I missed the days when Im almost to that stage of having abs :(   Thanks to Wacoal! It will help us ladies to be body beautiful at any age with a very reasonable price!

This Wacoal product will help me hide my baby fats and will keep my body in shape!
Will definitely buy this one! 

Visit http://www.wacoal.ph to browse more of their products!

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Happy Sunday everyone!
Early class tomorrow huhu.. 7:30 am :|
Will skip fashion week shows for tonight!
Need to do my plaaaates! :(
Oh, I envy those schools with sembreak huhu.

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  1. You can bring back your abs with proper diet. but you are right having nice product like Wacoal is useful to hide it.


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