Oct 1, 2012


Here's a very quick outfit and event post for tonight :)
I just got home from fashion school and I.am.really.tired.

Gold and Black is the "Next Big Thing" on fashion trends :) 
Add Baroque flourishes and patterns on the list :)

Wanna see the sexier look?
Here you go! hihi..

Dress used as top- Mint
Shorts- Vaintage shop
Necklace- Churbish Shop
Bow ring- Vaintage shop
Statement ring- Random shop
Bag- Thrifed
Heels- Random Shop

About the event, I will just post a couple of my favorite hotties!

Who are you?! here's my number, Call me maybe!
haha charot.

Killer smile JM! (He's not that macho tho) hihi.. It reminds me of my ex-suitor/archimate, who really looks like him! lol

HE.IS.SO.HOT! :(( Oh gosh. speechless!! So pogiiiiiiii pa! 
MARRY ME! lol.

Adam Levine is that you?! hihi

pabili po ng monay! haha lol

Cutie Patootie!

Semerad twins are two of my favorites as well. I just dont have picture tho.

hihi. I told you that was quick!

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  1. you looks so elegant and sexy sis! :)) as always. hihi :">


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