Oct 30, 2012

Bedroom and Walk in closet Sneak Peak!

Because Im trying not to pass a day without even blogging anything, And a lot of my readers are asking me to blog about my new walk- in closet,
then here's a very quick sneak peek to my W/C and Bedroom! :)

P.S. They're my designs and its through my passion of designing and architecture :)
Messy room. huhu :|

Shoesies! 3 are missing. I am wearing one that time and the other 2 are still at my friends :|

Hi coby!! :D

Thank you my readers for the loving support to my blog :) I just reached rank 11 on topblogs ! :)
(Too bad I wasn't able to print screen it) and it's all because of your love to me :)
kaya nga naman Im trying my best to blog everyday eh just to give change to all your support to my blog :) But I hope you do understand that sometimes I really just cant find a time to blog because of my very busy schedule :(

Tomo is our halloween party!!! Do you wanna know what will I wear? hihi. 
Whats yours? :)

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  1. Wow!! I love your closet! That is my dream closet!Its really nice.



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