Oct 22, 2012

A Dog Story: My Best friend, Coby. :)

Way back 2009, Christmas day, I saw a little no, super little    puppy in my grandma's house. I am not that kind of person who really loves to keep pets. Yeah I love pets. Like I really do! (I can even still remember how much I pity dogs who are being killed on movies.) But I just don't want cleaning their pupus and such. Eventually, its been days already and no one is claiming to that little dog (which is in cage) in my grandma's house. He gave me a little oomph in my heart and I felt that "This puppy is for me". So obviously, I picked and asked for him to be mine. hihi. It's like I just adopted him.  Its like he's a christmas gift for me :) He is really meant for me :)

I made him a crib with full of toys! I treated him like a baby :)
He eventually learned where to pup! Such a smart puppy :)

I even sewn him a hoodie! Admit it, He is so cute!
Though lagi sya napagkakamalan n daga pag naglalakad HAHAHA!

Everyone started to know him. Everyone looks at him every time I bring him to mall, school, gym etc.
(I can even bring him inside LRT. I will just hide him in my bag. And guess what? He always cooperates to hide!)

No one of my friend doesn't know him. Even my friends who haven't seen him, knows him!
All of our neighbors know him than me! haha!
"SIKAT" for short. hihi..

With his doctor
I sleep with him every night. . .
 And he never sleep anywhere except on bed or any comfy couch.
He is so makulit and fun to be with! He is so nakakagigil!

He is never absent, Like NEVER ABSENT on our inuman sessions at home.
He is always a proxy every time someone doesn't have a partner/boyfriend while everyone has!
My friends are like "Si coby muna partner mo" "Andyan naman si coby eh"
Okay I am still thin on this picture! Just random! hihi.
He is a model too!!

And soooo matampuhin!
If I didnt play or notice him, you'll see him hiding under the bed or chairs and waiting for me to get him. While he automatically do that every time I scold him.

Okay before you hate me or "ewww" on me, Let me tell you first that Coby takes a bath twice a week and he has his own tooth brush! And he eats only what we only eat. Some times,
because he is super spoiled, we even buy him his own Jollibee or corned beef.

He is short bite! It is normal that the point of his tongue is out of his mouth!
My aunt's friend told us that Coby is the perfect dog/chihuahua.
He is apple head, tri-color, short bite and shiny hair. Except that we wasn't able to cut his tail when he is still a baby. He is way more expensive than other chihuahuas! hihi.. Lucky me!
Some times, he wakes me up. But most of the time, he is also asleep when I'm asleep.
His yaya tells my friends nga that "Pag may hang over si tricia, may hangover din si coby. sabay lng sila gumigising"
And yes! You read it right, He has a yaya or nanny :) So I can leave him to her every time Im at school or somewhere. And another yes! Coby is never left in the house alone. 

He loves to travel. He has been to so many places already :) And he never vomits just like the other dogs :)

I remember this day when me and my friends went to Enchanted Kingdom with Coby.
Unfortunately, Coby is not allowed inside except if we have a baby stroller.
We have no choice but to leave him with our driver. So, after the fun and we're on our way to the parking lot (Or should I say its on MY way - because I went to the comfort room), 
surprisingly they are looking for coby. The situation is already intense.
My coby is lost! I dont know what to do. You don't know how I feel. A lot of people are already looking and gossiping about us. Until all i can do was to sit down on the road and cry out loud like a child. It's even the first time of my friends to see me crying like that.
Hagulgol kung hagulgol! "Huhuhu asan na si coby"
And then finally, they revealed that they are just tripping on me. grrrr!
Not a good joke! But at least now they know how important Coby is to me.

Coby is my best friend. He is my forever buddy. He knows every time I am sad and he will never leave my side. He will wipe my tears using his tongue. And barf and attack every people who are shouting on me and who are trying to hit me.
PROVEN AND TESTED. Ask my friends and you'll believe me :)
 Coby is part of my identity already. If you noticed my first two banners on my blog, A chihuahua dog is always included. And that's him!

I never loved a dog just like my love for him. He is a family to me. He is so precious and important to me. I really love him so much. And my love for him is even higher than a love for a boyfriend. Because he is always there for me :) He never leaves me. And every time I feels alone, I know Coby is just there by my side :) And I know that he understands me :)

I love you so much my baby! HAPPY HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY!
ENJOY YOUR DAY BABY! Mommy will be at school tomorrow :(
But dont worry you'll have a birthday party with ninongs and ninangs this thursday!

I love you coby! <3 p="p">

Everyone, Pls greet him on his facebook! hihi..
Thank you in advance!

How about you? Do you also have a dog? Tell me your story!

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