Sep 5, 2012

Trishie Couture Charity Program

Hello dollies! Its already September 5! 15 DAYS TO GO till my Grand Launch! aaaahhhh!! Are you excited? :) 
According to Rule no. 7 on "How to Make it in Fashion" is "Always Give it back". That's why even though my event is free of entrance, Percentage of the cash given to me by sponsors(for this event) will be given to UNITED FAMILY CARE charitable program. 

 United Family Care or UFC is our very own caregiving agency at Los Angeles California. It was founded by my very own mother and brother since 1999. Besides the caregiving program that we offer, We also have a charitable program. UFC helps Filipino grassroot level children. We conduct a feeding program to more than 300 Filipino children every other month. We go place to place around Metro Manila to conduct a charitable program.Our goal is to help as long as we can.
FIND ME! haha

There are slippers and other useful stuffs inside the bags.

My sister. She's the eldest.

Im sure you haven't heard from me anything about this huh? Now you know my other side, expect that we will conduct another feeding program after my event. I am so glad that I will able to help using my own event :)

You dont know how much I feel every time I am helping others especially children. I really feel that I am so lucky and blessed, Thankful about my life. Thankful that I can eat 3 times a day  and every time I want.  My heart really felt every time I see children who are very happy on just a piece of hotdog stick :( 

Do you wanna come with me on our feeding programs? Promise, God will always give you something back :) Just contact me if you want to :)

Visit our website

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  1. Some people celebrate their birthdays through feeding children in different areas like orphanages, cancer society or abuse children. This will help children with emotional experience to uplift their life for a while. A time to entertain them.

    Joseph @ volunteer in argentina


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