Sep 6, 2012

Studying at Fashion School is really fun!

Hey dollies! You know that I studied at Fashion Institute of the Philippines way back 2009 right? If you dont know what I'm talking about, pls review my blog article HERE. I also told you before that I will study again at FIP this August. Unfortunately, The first day os classes was moved due to some holidays. So, I just attended my first day of class last Monday. 

this is the top that I wore. It is really a dress that ROMWE sent me.  And I just only used it as a top. That's fashion. You always have to be creative. So this is what I wore :)

I really love fashion school because in there, you can be free of wearing anything you want. Just like for example, in Mapua, they are like "wow" or "wtf is youre wearing trishie?". But in FIP, I feel like I'm normal. yehey! :)) And besides being normal, They dont have school rules regarding outfit. So I can wear shorts or skirt or sleeveless whenever I want. hihi. 

The hat I'm wearing is from my friend, Miguel. It's his grandma's hat. hihi :D

I didn't wore so much Look-at-me outfit that day because I know that I will ride a bus going home. (Though I rode a cab going there)

Dont you love my mini-peacock skirt? :) I do! Its old though. But there's nothing wrong in wearing an old clothes. right? :)

Im sorry for not editing the pictures to lomo effect just like my other outfit posts. I'm just experimenting. Which do you think is better?  

Zara Belt

 Dirty wedges :(

Peacock skirt- Random Shop
Hat- Vintage from friend
Bag- Thrifted
Rings with stones- Pop Fairies Online shop
Bow ring- Vaintage Shop
Chain bracelet-  Churbish shop
Beads bangle- Pop Fairies Online shop
Necklace- Vaintage Shop
Watch- Omega
Belt- Zara
Wedges- Jelly Bean
Contact lens- Utlog Shop

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