Sep 12, 2012

Shopping Diary

I told you on my outfit post HERE that I had a shopping spree again like last week. Yup! I consider my self as a shopaholic, but PRACTICALLY. And its true that its been a long time already, like months already since the last time I shopped. Well I even had a shopping diary category on my old blog HERE. Eventually, I stopped shopping for the reason that I have these lovely sponsors who continually give stuffs to me to feature here on my blog. So its always my priority. And the second thing is that I have these creative hands that tends me to just DIY my own stuffs and that includes me having the knowledge on how to make my own clothes and I can possibly just make it in aid of the stuffs I have like a sewing machine. 

Suddenly, I cant just resist shopping for new shoes and some stuffs. I think I just needed to reward myself for the hard works and stressful nights that I've been and will be. Well atleast this time, I used my own money for shopping. When I say my own money, it means a money from my hardwork. Salary or Talent fee for short. Because obviously I admit that all the money that I'm having are from my mom, and from our apartment business. Before, I just use some of my extra allowance every time I go shopping. I must say that I am still a one lucky girl because I have my mom who always supports me and give me my needs. Hopefully, that all my sources of extra income that I have now will last longer :)  Will you cross your fingers with me? :)

Leggings and loose button down top
aaaahhhh I'm just inlove with this midrib corset! hihi
Dainty Head bands :)
Statement rings

Nude strappy sandals
And lastly, shoes! You know how SHOEHOLIC I am right? 
Forgive me for being such a shoe addict :|
Cant wait to wear them all!
Wooot. haha! This is me being an architecture forward person :))
You dont know that I love fixing wires and such. Im the only person here on our house whom who can fix electricity and such. hihi. 

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