Sep 27, 2012

Pink Fashion Shoppe Official

If you're a follower on my twitter, you'll know that my official photographer during "Trishie Couture Grand Launch" is out of the town. So we have to wait for him till he come back.. 

But dont you worry, I will post it as soon as possible :) For the mean time, Let me show you one of our projects that my partner, Julie and I had before the said event. Julie's Pink Fashion shoppe was also launched during my Trishie Couture event because her shop is one of the sponsors. :) Supposedly, this video and my video HERE should be launch too. But due to some technical problems, we wasn't able to show it up there :(


Did you like the vids? Thanks to my brother Kevin dela Cruz who shoot and made it :)

 Here are the behind the scene pictures:

Uggghh. I missed a lot of events, specially the (hair olympics and the Rajo Parisian launch) this week due to our finals week at mapua :|
I still have one last exam on saturday!
But yeyy! Pls congratulate me coz I finished all of my plates on time! wee! I already submitted them all yesterday. That means, Its time to partaaay!  Haha lol.
Well, atleast I have an events to look up to for this week. Thursday, Friday and Saturday :)
A Tropical Party for a brand Launch, A slumber party for a brand promotion, and a Fashion Seminar :)
Bussy bee week still! :D
Ooops I forgot, I still have a lot of homeworks to do for my fashion school :|
Good Vibes all the way!!

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