Sep 23, 2012

Magazine Article - A Success Story

"Success Story" 
(This is one of the articles that I wrote months ago for a Magazine. It may be cut or shortened there; So here's the full version)

When Miss Apple, Editor-in-Chief, asked me to write an article story about how did I become successful, I asked my self: "Am I already successful?"

I am blessed and contented of my life and yes they said I am successful. Even this editor claimed that I am.  I'm 20 and I already established a stable and owned business. I'm a fashion blogger; I have sponsors and Im earning through my blog. Im a fashion designer and I already have my own couture line- "Trishie Couture". And Now, While studying Architecture,  I already work as a writer and  a fashion stylist on DDG Magazine. Lastly, I manage our own apartment and I already started doing my very first  real life house renovation project - my own home with my own dream bedroom with a spacious walk-in closet. Some times, Im a part time model too.  I sound like bragging a** hole just about now, but Im telling you this because my "success story" is not as simple as it sounds. For all the years that I lived before I got this success, I've been walked on, used and forgotten.  I've been to hell and back many times. This is not a walk in the park. I have what I have because I'm passionate about my niche.

"Nasan na si nanay? Nasa palengke na ba sya e angaga pa" That was the last words that I said that I can clearly remember during my childhood. My mom left us when I was 3 years old, And the night before that was also the last time I saw her. She needed to go abroad because she is sick of parkinsons disease and in need for treatment.

I grew up without a parents. My father left us and had another family the time when Im still in my mother's womb. Im the youngest. And Before my mother and father left us, They told me that I have a nanny who's always hurting me. When my mother went abroad, that was the time that my sister already became my both mother and father. 

My sister became so strict. Like really really strict! I can still remember the moment that she is forcing me to finish my food until I vomit. Do you experience eating your own vomit? I did. I did it many times because its a punishment for not finishing my food. Well, That was just already one of the childhood moments that we were laughing about. 

My sister eventually established her own family. Her strictness continued. I am still young, like Im only in my 3rd Grade when she got her first baby, Miggy. I took care of him at a very young age. I learned how to make his milk, change his diaper when he poop, tackle him, and the list goes on. Miggy then followed by two new sisters and I also took care of them till they become a kid. Suddenly, They also decided to go abroad too and left me.

I am just 3rd year high school when I become independent. I am already paying for my own utility bills, buy and cook my own food, plan different neccessary things and so on. There are many sleepless nights that made me feel that I am so alone. I felt like I don't deserve to encounter plenty of adult problems that I already experienced at a very young age. Until I met Aham.

Im Just 14 years old when I met Aham. My first boyfriend. Partner in life. He's the one who taught me how to love and be loved. I found a family through him and his family. He became my bestfriend, boyfriend, father, mother, carpenter, driver... Tell me all of the "er" and I'll tell you that he became that to me. Even Janiter. Haha! I hope that made sense. Aaaaah a cornie side of me HAHA!

So moving on, Aham made my childhood fairytales do come true. He filled our relationship full of surprises - Fireworks, Christmas lights, roses, banners and so on. But at the same time, He also gave me the most miserable and painful nights (even day) that I can ever encounter. We broke up many times and been together again. We both made mistakes. I did too. I found him having an affair with so many different girls that made me do all crazy stupid things such as walking in the rain going to their house in the middle of the night (Teleserye lng diba), as well as going to the mistress' house crying and begging his  to get away from him and dont get him from me. 

Aham made me encounter so many enemies and haters who told me a lot of rude and mean thing that scratched my heart. I even fought some of my relatives and friends just because of him. Just to fight for him. Because my whole world revolved around him. Because he's the only one that I can lean on on those moments. We had so many trials that we surpassed. But there are this time that he left me that I felt like it was the most nightmare that will ever happen to me; The time that he broke up with me, my maid left, and I'm the only one whose living in our house. The most painful thing is that there is no water coming out in my house faucets. My electricity line also got cut because I wasn't able to pay it because all I know to do is to cry and feel alone. There are also no foods because I don't feel like cooking for myself. And whenever Im on class, all I do is to stare the board. The saddest thing about that is that I don't even know who really my friends are because they are too busy on those moments and they aren't there for me. Tears are falling from my eyes everyday. Until my high school classmate, Ben woke me up on my nightmare. He taught me how to smile again despite of all the problems and tragedies. Im the first girl that he brought in their house and introduced to his family. I felt so much love by them (Just like Aham's family). Ben and his family made me felt how to be loved again. He's the one who saw all the ugliest and embarrassing things about me. My ugly face when Im sad and crying and my ugly and disastrous no electricty house. But he still accepted and loved me.  Until eventually, I also fell and loved him... Until Aham came back to me...

I've been "thorn between two lovers". They fought for me for so many times - Physically and verbally. I really felt  bad about it, for making 2 boys cry. My friends even got mad about me because I dont know who to choose. I dont know who to follow, my heart or my brain. I know I love Aham more than Ben, but I know Ben is better for me because he never ever hurt and leave me. I let them compete for me for a period of time. But then at the end, I chose to follow my heart. I chose Aham. But the old routinary romantically hurtful relationship continued. We're on and off, while Ben is always there to catch me every time Aham leaves me. Ben even left many girls who admire her just for me. 

After I turned 18, that was the time that Aham and I parted ways already. 2007 to 2011- After 4 years of holding on, I finally learned how to let him go. And Ben isn't there for me already because he already found the one for him. His girlfriend, and she's my friend. Of course I'm happy for them :) I have to move on, let go of the past and continue to live my life.

I've met so many people in my life. I've been a socialite, I explore the world, And I had so many admirers who courted me and whom of course I always introduce to my friends and to my brother whose still here in the Philippines. I admit I dated a lot of them. My hands and feet cant count them all. And I accepted the fact that people will think bad things about me. I just wanted to feel that there is always someone whose there for me and I can always lean on. I want the feeling that everyday there is someone who greets me a good morning. I always wanted someone who makes me feel so special and feels like I'm important to them. I always want to feel that I'm worth it. I lived my life to the fullest. I learned to drink and party all night. And having a good grades and never failing grades made me confident to do all of those. I know Im still responsible. I started to learn who to trust. And the few people who know me so much are telling me "Bilib nga ako sayo eh, kahit ganyan buhay mo, Kahit magisa ka lng, hnd ka nagrerebelde. Hindi ka bumabagsak sa academics".

God is too great. After a period of time of me being a party girl and socialite, God introduced me another people that contributed so much in my life and in my success. And that was my pep squad or cheering squad. My Cheerping Cardinals Family. I tried out on our school's pep squad and through the hard efforts and challenges, one of my dream finally came true. I got in! But its not that easy,  I've heard a lot of screams and bad words but I understand that its their way so I can get up when I fall. I shed so many tears and embarrassing moments just for the love for them. There are also a lot of happy and grateful things that happened. Beside the events, playtimes during training, and random happy moments, I met my 2 bestfriends. Monica who became a sister to me, and Ken who became just like a boyfriend to me. They are always there everytime I want a shoulder to lean on. Ken even introduced me to their family and I felt the love just like what Aham and Ben's family made me feel. 

I really had fun being a cheerleader. The feeling that you cheer and represent your school is really awesome. Cheerping gave me so much lessons in life and they are one of the most important persons in my life. And yes. Until now, they are my family and they are always there to support me.

 I continued training for the squad for some time and then there's another person who played an important role in my life again. Josan Nimes. One of the best players of NCAA. A basketball player of my very own school, Mapua. He knew me ever since I transferred to Mapua and he stalked me (He said) but Aham is still my boyfriend that time. But "Destiny" made us together. Perfect time and perfect place. He became my boyfriend, and Im his very first girlfriend here in Philippines. He also introduced me (online) to his family abroad. But my friends doesn't want me for him. Because they thought that every basket ball player is a player. But Josan proved me that they are wrong. Our relationship was like a fairytale to me. We never fight till the end. He became so real to me. I felt all the love, appreciation and efforts. I can award him the "Most Proud Boyfriend" Award. He never get tired of "piggy back" riding me. He did so many crazy things for me. He never forget to remind me everyday how much he loves me, take care of me and how much he is lucky for having me as his girlfriend.  And the list goes on. Eventually, He is not meant for me. Our relationship didn't worked out. Yah, its just a fairytale but Josan gave me so much lessons in life too.

My life got back to my old "single" routine. Suitors, friends, party, events, church, trainings and studies. I always make my self busy. But there are things that really aren't meant for us. There are things happened that made me stop training for the squad. (Though I am still welcome to them and Im still considered as a member of cheerping cardinals up to now)  And it includes the night that I discovered that maybe I am sick. 

One night, while having fun with my friends, I felt the shaking and trembling of my right hand just like what my mother is experiencing due to her parkinson's disease. I've search everything about parkinsons and made me believe that I am positive to have the same kind of sick because I experience many symptoms beside the fact that my mother had parkinsons when she is pregnant to me. It hurts me so much knowing I am sick. And I am too young for the tests or treatments. The saddest thing about that is that Parkinsons can't be cure. It will just get worse as time goes by. Just like what is happening to my mom. It hurts me so much. But I just have to deal with it and live my life. 

Luckily, I found the love of my life who accepted me though I am sick. It's Jan. He always tells me and convince me that I am not sick. And I know that Its just his way to make me stronger. He's the most loyal and faithful man that I'll ever know; And Im the most spoiled girlfriend that you'll ever know. He's the most unexpected person in the most unexpected time.  He may not be the most Romantic one, But he's the guy who have the least effort just to make me smile and laugh because he has the greatest sense of humor that makes me laugh and shed me tears because of joy everyday. He do everything I want. He gives me everything I want. We love each other so much and he never let me go. He is the last step and last important person I met before I become to what I am now. 

There is no such thing as "Perfect Relationship". Its our 10th month already and yet we still have a lot of problems facing. Unlike those other guys who played important role in my life, he's the only one whom his family doesn't like me and accept me in their family. And its a pain like hell. They never even tried to know me. There's a lot of comparison to me and to his "working ex". Her ex is older than me and graduated already, that's why she is working already. His family said so much hurtful words about me. They are just like other persons who degraded me, judged me and doubted me. Yes I do mistakes. Jan and I do. But that doesn't include what they are judging me, a "gold digger", because from the first place, I knew jan the way he is. Just the way he brings him self. Humble. And when I started to like him, I even didn't know how rich they are like they own 30+ ships. I loved him because of his personality. I loved how much he let me feel how much special I am to him. I didn't loved his money or all the material things that he gave me. Despite of the judgements I received, I never give up on him nor give up on us. Because someday, I know that his family will be able to know me and accept me just like the moment I've been waiting for in our relationship. 

If only I can say straight to his family that "I Never Use People". Believe it or not, I never did. And the persons who knows me the most can testify that (Ria and Jannah, Please do the honor). In fact, Im the one who let people used me during my "weak and stupid" stage of life. You don't know how many people I already helped. You don't know how many clothes,  stuffs, money (name it all) that I let other people to borrow from me. You don't know how many people I accepted in my house when they have no where to go. You don't know hundreds kids that I helped by joining charity programs. Im glad to help. The feeling of helping people is so unexplainable. Somehow, It gives a pain and disappointment in my heart since some of them just know me when they need something. Its like they are just using me for the material things that they need. I remember what my best friend Ria always tell about me "Sobrang bait mo kasi eh. Bawas-bawasan mo naman". I cant help it. I love the feeling that I helped someone and I know that they will never forget me because at some point in their life, I helped them. 

The world is full of fake people. And I am proud to say that I am not one of them. Im real. I have a good heart and I love to help but Im the frankest person that you may ever know. If I don't like you, the I dont like you. And if there's something wrong about my friend or if there's something bothering me about how they act towards me, I confront them right away. I'll say what I feel because thats how I value friendship. REAL. But some people just take things negatively. Just like this friend of mine who really got me dissapointed; I consider and treated her as my close friend, I shared stories and secrets to her, I introduced her to my friends, I brought him in an event, Accompany her on getting her first tattoo and I even let her sleep in my home; Only to found out that she is back fighting me. I confronted her about what I felt about her but she responded negatively. She even told me "Hindi nga tayo close eh" Do you know how it feels? I care for her and for our friendship. But things happen. People change. People have different thoughts and opinions. But I doesn't live to please them. To please everyone. All I know is that I am real. 

Going back to the question; "Am I successful?" For now, All I can say is that I can prove to the people who pulled me down that they are all wrong. I can proudly say that I have my own business now. I also have my own clothing line. I can buy and do things that I want using my own hard worked money. I don't ask material things to my parents anymore. I bought my own iphone, ipad, sala set, etc. etc. I feed my self.  and most especially, I bought my own car at the age of 20 years old. Those little things I know that are something to be proud of. On the other hand, besides of the things that Ive already achieved, I am successful for being strong and still standing despite of those many people who stoop on me. Im successful that I already found what really I am in this world. That I finally found what I want. Its not cheering, gymnastics, ballet, nor piano, But its Fashion and Architecture. Well, I love arts including fashion ever since Im a kid, And I'm honestly telling you, I've been "baduy" many times in my life and I think that helped me learn my personal style and lead me to becoming a fashion inspiration. 

Behind my success? Well its all the people who played an important roles in my life. The people who shared their knowledge to me. The people who is there once in my life, the people who left me and the people who is always there for me. The people I inspire and whom I inspire. The people who loved me and still loving me. Behind my success is my ever loving mother who never stop understanding me and supporting me financially and to things what I want even though she's far from me. Behind my success are my friends whom I always do crazy stupid things with. Behind my success are my haters and the people who stoop on me, degraded me, doubted me and judged me. They are the one who made me strong and made me the kind of girl  who wont let anyone's discouragement and staring judging eyes to stop me from doing what I want and what will make me more successful. 

Behind my success is the tragic and miserable life that I lived. The moments in my life that I felt alone and needed to be strong. My life that shed me so much tears. My life who gave so much wounds in my heart.  And I don't regret one moment of it because in those moments, I've learned a lot. I've learned who I can trust and can't. I've learned the meaning of friendship. I've learned how to tell when people are lying and when they're sincere. I've learned how to be a teenager, and how to grow up when I need to. I've learned how to stand again when I fall. I've learned how to become happy and see the beauty of life.

Most of all, Behind my success is God. God who never stop guiding me and my love ones. God who give light through my darkest nights. And I know, God will give me more than this success that i have now. I know God will give me the success that I am dreaming of. A happy family, and that success when you already call me, Architect Trishie dela Cruz.

I lost my iphone, camera, laptop etc... And I lost another camera again... In my own home... I lost my yaya maid who worked for us for 10years. I lost some friends, I'm sick and I lost a healthy body and stable hands...I lost some friends... I lost a loved one... I am now completely independent and living alone. But...It's not the end of the world. There's more to life! :) I still have my very own home, my friends who love and care for me so much, my family who always supports and understands me. I have a blog readers who see me as an inspiration. I am studying in a great school with a course that I really want. I have a career with full of opportunities, a business of my own, a home with a dream bed and an every girl's dream - walk in closet, a kitchen with foods that make me full and I have the sweetest dog that you can ever have that never leaves me :) I may lost pounds, but most of all, I gained. I gained new friends. I gained happy memories. I gained more love and care from all of my real friends (believe me, they're countless), friends who can always manage to make me smile despite of all odds. Lastly, I gained lessons in life that made me learned a lot. I learned how to accept mistakes, how to forgive, how to loose anger, and to how to appreciate life more. I learned how to be happy standing in my own feet and without depending to anyone. I learned how to smile despite of the storm. I learned how to be happy despite of those problems and keen judging eyes around me. I learned how to become stronger in this battle of life. See? Don't make life too complicated :) There are a lot of happy things in life than those little problems. Don't put so much drama in life. Always look at the bright side. Happiness depends on you :) Smile on every chances that you get and be greatful of all the things that you have and all of the problems that you know you don't have. Don't let a bad day makes you feel that you have a bad life. Let go and move on of the past. Alcohol is not the key to the problems. If you want to get over a problem, stop mulling it over and talking about it. Do something to make that problem not a problem when it's necessary. Let go of all the things that make you sad. Remember, Anything in life is temporary. So if things are going good, enjoy it because it won't last forever. And if things are going bad, don't worry, it won't last forever either :) 
I am happy, stronger, and better now, and you who currently reading this, I wanna say thank you... Thank you because you made me stronger.Thank you because you are part of my happiness :) 
Your Fashion Architect,Trishie dela Cruz August 21, 2013 :*


  1. I'm touch to your story, how I wish I am beside you in your moments of loneliness and turmoils. It's only the distance that separate us, but the feelings and concern never dies. I always think of you,love you and worry about you. Thank God, you are a strong person, smart and open minded, you survived all the trials in life,I know success awaits you, more power to you. I love you Tring. your mom

  2. Go Trishie! It's good to see that you succeeded despite of all the things that happened in your life :) Thanks for sharing your life

  3. done reading ♥
    touched po ako super. :')
    Tama, you're really Successful.
    Dami kna pala pinagdaan.
    despite of it, standing strong ka padin.
    I'm your no.1 fan ♥
    I love you Ms. Trish :)
    Lagi mo po tatandaan na marami nagmamahal sa'yo.♥
    Congratulations & God bless ^^

  4. I stumbled upon your blog and read this success story of yours.
    You're story is really heartwarming.
    I am so proud of you.
    You really is such a strong woman.
    I know you can do it!
    Soon to be ARCHITECT Dela Cruz!

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