Sep 2, 2012

Little Miss Architect

Hello dollies! Its almost our finals week at Mapua! Final plates are already given to us. Uuggh.I have so many things to do/finish this September :( Except from being busy on my "Trishie Couture First Collection" This time, I will show you my other side, the "Little Miss Architect"

On this picture, I am busy doing one of my plates (Not final plate) when my boyf took a stolen shot on me. hihi. 
This is how messy is my room everytime I do my thing :|
Helloooo my-little-cutie-coby-baby-chihuahua! hihi..

On the process

unfortunately, I wasnt able to take picture of the final outcome :( This image is just "almost" done.

Hmm, On the next images, I will show you my previous projects/designs/plates

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April 24, 2012

Little Miss Architect (Digital Projects)

Hi guys :) miss me posting something about architecture? :) It’s been a mini-vacation for us mapuans and we had almost a  month to relax and pamper ourselves. But, its already our second week of school. booo :( its time already for paper works and plates and exams and so on. I will be experiencing again a nights with no sleep. nay! :| so, to give you some idea on what I’ve been bussy about during school days, just click the “Architect” category on my side bar  or just click here :)
I will also show you here some of my works :D
I made these at google sketch up 8, using MacBook Pro,. It is how it looks like without any render using other softwares.
I made those using by google sketch up 8, and rendered using a normal adobe photoshop cs4
This is an airport made by my friend using google sketch up 8. And I rendered it using adobe photoshop. 
Those are some of the interiors of my works. Un-rendered using other softwares. 
These are another interior photos but is rendered by VRAY :)
FACT: I made all of those starting from scratch. as in starting from nothing. and that is how architects are so creative. And we can simply say that, we create the world :) and I’m a Proud architect student from Mapua :)
I will post some of my manual works soon :)

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