Sep 4, 2012

Day to Night Corset

Hi dollies! This will be a quick outfit post for today since I have so many things that are lined up to finish. :(
First of all, I want to thank The Doll House for sending me this lovely corset :)
I wore it on Fashion school at day, and on a normal friday date at night :)
I really love corsets! It instantly hide your big tummies and instantly can give shape to your body.
As of now, I only have 3 corsets all given to me by my sponsors.
Can you please tell me where can I buy an affordable one?
I dont even know where to buy it in Divisoria :( I've been craving for it so badly!

I love the feel of this long lace cardigan on my foot. :)
Its more likely a cape. Another trend in this season.
Lace plus cape. aaaaah Im so inlove with this :)
And guess what? I just bought it in a thrift store worth 100php :)
And that's the largest amount that I can buy on a thrift store. Just so you know :) hihi.

Thank You Pop Fairies Online Shop for tons of accessories that you sent me.
yeehaaaa another set of my accessories collection! hihi..

Rings from left to right:

I also bought this bag on a thrift store for only 80php.
"Lakas makavintage nung bag"
It's an original genuine leather. It was such a steal!
Contact lens from Utlog Shop.
I told you I will wear this on my everday outfit! haha
I am also wearing a natural false eye lashes given to my by Beauty Instincts 

See that gold necklace and watch? My mom gave it to me when Im still a kid.
So Vintage-ish huh? Thanks mom for these! You don't know that I'm still keeping them huh? hihi.

Contact lens from Utlog Shop plus falsies from Beauty Instincts  instantly gave sparkle and charm on my face :)

So, at night, my boyf and I went out for a dinner and drink.
As usual :)
I didn't change my top/corset but

I just remove my cardigan and change my shorts into that lovely tulle skirt.

Corset- The Doll House
Cradigan- Thrifted
Bag- Thrifted
Shorts- Next Jeans
Tulle Skirt- Random shop
Rings-  DIY, Vaintage Shoppe
                  Pop Fairies Online Shop
Shades- BU3
Head band- Tiange
Belt- Random shop
Long necklace- Pop Fairies Online Shop
Gold neckalce and watch- Vintage from mom
Heels- Nine West
Flats- Sole Mate

Aaaaah! I thought that it will be a quick post! That's so much to take in already! hihi..
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  1. i know where... dami corset sa divisoria! let's go!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

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  3. nice post i also love vintage stuffs
    @ cutestprincess hi where to buy the corset in divi?


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