Sep 30, 2012

Bla bla bla... So please forgive me for another quick outfit post. And I am so sorry for posting this outfit too late again! hihi.. So, this is what I wore to our video shoot that Im talking about HERE

Thanks Julie for these photos! 

Top- Forever 21
inner corset- Vaintage Shoppe
Wood necklace- Quirkinez

Weee! A couple of minutes ago (like it was already yesterday since my clock already hit 12am) was my last day of term at Mapua! weee! :) Too bad because I missed out a lot of events due to my busybee schedule and believe me or not, I got sick. Having an invites is such a great opportunity and it is a heartwarming thing for me but not a thing to brag about just like others. I know that I am one lucky girl for having these kinds of opportunities and I just feel bad every time I miss an event that I'm supposed to be present. Well, It's never my intention to use blogging to score some invites or such. Yes it sounds cool but going to events is maybe the least of my priorities. But since I have a one week vacation, I will spend it for my friends, boyfie, family, and some... yah events. Because when the school starts again(after 1 week), I will have no time AGAIN for these and that and some other stuffs.. Well you know, I always have my priorities. STUDIES FIRST! But blogging is one of my priorities though; And blogging everyday for you guys even though I'm tired  is I guess already shows that it is one. right? Or should I just say that, I just really do love blogging and I really do love my readers. hihi.. 

AAAHHH.. Events.. Events.. Events... What's so big deal about it? Well maybe because I just went to a 3 days/nights straight that are full of events. (Sinasamantala lng ng lola mo ang pagkakataon haha). But I dont understand why is it a big deal to other people if I go to events or not? Ugghh,, Pathetic people what can I say. lol.  

OOPSIES! I didn't notice that that was already too much words to take in! Just a random ramblings hihi.. Okay. Enough. Bye!

LOOK AT MY FIRST PARAGRAPH AGAIN. I just said "So please forgive me for another quick outfit post" HAHAHA. What happened?!?!? Need I say more?! haha.

Okay enough na tlg! hahaha!
Have a sweet sleep my loooves! Dont let the bed bugs bite! :D
But I wont gonna sleep pa tlg hihi.

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