Sep 30, 2012


Whoooah! September was fast! I almost didn't notice that today is the last day of September 2012. Is it really the last september in this world? Well I guess not! Do you believe that 2012 is the end of the world? I don't. hihi.. Well I guess we have different opinions right?

September is always special to me because the fact that it is the start of "BER" months, It is also the month where a lot of my love ones celebrate their birthdays. Most especially my mom. 
And this september 2012 just made my september more AWESOME!
First, I got featured on candy magazine! hihi. If you dont know what I'm talkin about, click HERE. Do you have your copy already? You better grab now! hihi..
Second, I had my very first renovation project which is our house. 
Third, as part of my renovation project, I finally have my own spacious WALK-IN CLOSET!
Fourth, My dream princess bed is almost done!
Fifth, I went back to Fashion Institute of the Philippines! Yay! 
Sixth, I had my TRISHIE COUTURE Pre-launch and Grand Launch!
Seventh, Big fashion show events was held such as Bench Universe and Cosmo Bachelor Bash!
nakipagsabayan pa ang trishie couture ng lola mo. haha!
Eight, It is the end of our 1st quarterm at Mapua! yaaay! hihi..
And lastly, My sponsors are keep on supporting my blog up to now-and this is the first September of my blog and which is also the first September that I got a lot of free stuffs!
Thank you so much to my lovely sponsors and I really do appreciate you a lot!
*Teary Eyes*

Neon statement necklace from Eyes Candy
They cater tons of accessories that you'll surely love!

Accessories and stuffs from Churbish Shop
I am really hooked to that vintage necklace and connector ring!

Neon accessories and bone necklace from Tinsel Shop! Oh so lovin them all!

Zipper and Braid bracelets from Swimsea Candy 
This accessories will make me somehow edgy huh?

Accessories from pop fairies online shop

Bangles from Fashion Avenue

Wallet from Shy Shop

Pink Leopard Top from Churbish Shop

Leopard and Sequined dress from Mikayla's Boutique

Aztec top and skirt from Bubbles
Ahhh cant wait to wear them! Im just finding a perfect time! hihi

Peplum Pants, Romper, Aztec skirt and Assymetrical skirt from Fashion Avenue

Bandage Skirt from Clique n' Shop

Mint Top with crochet details and Floral shorts with belt from ROMWE

Floral Sheer Top, Floral shorts with belt and Mullet Floral Dress from Pink Fashion

Floral Wedges from Swimsea Candy

Neon Stiletto from Mikayla's Boutique

Shopping Bag and Vitamins from Acne Care
Who would think that even vitamins will ask for some features on my blog? hihi.
I am currently taking up this vitamin and I will post a review about it soon!
Thanks Acne Care for trusting me and my blog :)

Organic Bronzer with mini mirror from Beauty Instinct

Tho I already wore some if you noticed :)

Whats up with October?
-Father's birthday
-Coby's birthday
-Trishie Couture Charity Program
-Trishie Couture presents an RTW line, "PRINCESS"
-2nd quarterm at Mapua

October, be good to me pls!!
How was your september my dollies?
Have a blessed sunday everyone!

Bla bla bla... So please forgive me for another quick outfit post. And I am so sorry for posting this outfit too late again! hihi.. So, this is what I wore to our video shoot that Im talking about HERE

Thanks Julie for these photos! 

Top- Forever 21
inner corset- Vaintage Shoppe
Wood necklace- Quirkinez

Weee! A couple of minutes ago (like it was already yesterday since my clock already hit 12am) was my last day of term at Mapua! weee! :) Too bad because I missed out a lot of events due to my busybee schedule and believe me or not, I got sick. Having an invites is such a great opportunity and it is a heartwarming thing for me but not a thing to brag about just like others. I know that I am one lucky girl for having these kinds of opportunities and I just feel bad every time I miss an event that I'm supposed to be present. Well, It's never my intention to use blogging to score some invites or such. Yes it sounds cool but going to events is maybe the least of my priorities. But since I have a one week vacation, I will spend it for my friends, boyfie, family, and some... yah events. Because when the school starts again(after 1 week), I will have no time AGAIN for these and that and some other stuffs.. Well you know, I always have my priorities. STUDIES FIRST! But blogging is one of my priorities though; And blogging everyday for you guys even though I'm tired  is I guess already shows that it is one. right? Or should I just say that, I just really do love blogging and I really do love my readers. hihi.. 

AAAHHH.. Events.. Events.. Events... What's so big deal about it? Well maybe because I just went to a 3 days/nights straight that are full of events. (Sinasamantala lng ng lola mo ang pagkakataon haha). But I dont understand why is it a big deal to other people if I go to events or not? Ugghh,, Pathetic people what can I say. lol.  

OOPSIES! I didn't notice that that was already too much words to take in! Just a random ramblings hihi.. Okay. Enough. Bye!

LOOK AT MY FIRST PARAGRAPH AGAIN. I just said "So please forgive me for another quick outfit post" HAHAHA. What happened?!?!? Need I say more?! haha.

Okay enough na tlg! hahaha!
Have a sweet sleep my loooves! Dont let the bed bugs bite! :D
But I wont gonna sleep pa tlg hihi.

Sep 28, 2012


Okay guys, Time to show you pictures on my Trishie Couture  Grand Launch held last September 20, 2012 at New World Hotel Makati, Palladium. 

Photos by Ejay Amador

The venue, Palladium, was jam-packed!

Party Hard! :)

my back! lol :))

Fireworks for me.. aaaaaahh!

My family :) Yah at least I have pictures with my family. But ohh. Whatta face :| Im so haggard huhu. I didn't have any time to put some make-up on :( Pls forgive me :(

Next photos are from Eugene Martin

I wont be showing too much of the runway pics for now. Save the best for the last! hihi.

Outside Palladium. New World Hotel.

Next pictures are from Palladium photographers

My collection on stage :) Supposedly only "Trishie Couture" should be written on the led. But due to some technical problems, Pink fashion was also included. 
They lightened up their fire works before the emcee introduced me to the crowd :)
ahhhh!! I cant explain the feeling.. :')

Your Fashion Inspiration, Nikka
Your Fashion Bamboozle Bea and,  Jessa 
Thank you so much my lovely ladies! :*

"Attracting many people on your event means you're influential"
"Party plus catwalk is awesome!"
"One factor of a successful event is how much your crowd is"

To the 700 to 800+ people who attended my Grand Launch - Readers, relatives, cheermates, archimates, highschool mates, schoolmates, classmates and all the mates and friends, for the nth time, Thank you so much for coming and supporting my event :> You don't know how much it means to me :) You made this event successful!
For all the congratulatory messages, Thank you so much! I really appreciate it a lot!
THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this event possible :)
I LOVE YOU ALL GUYS! *teary eyes*
I am so blessed and thankful to have you all :*

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