Aug 12, 2012


Hello dollies! I am SORRY for not blogging lately :( Trust me, this is not me being a "Lazy Blogger"-You know how much I love blogging. But I really just cant blog for this week because of the hectic schedule:

1. Im working on my very first REAL LIFE HOUSE RENOVATION PROJECT.
2. My Architectural PLATES for Mapua are due on Wed
3. My MAGAZINE ARTICLES are also due on Wednesday
4. Trishie Couture Event Meeting
5. Preparing for a lot of stuffs for Trishie Cuture Event
6. Designing and sewing clothes for TRISHIE COUTURE
7. Fashionary meeting
8. Backlogs of posts

I will make it up to you by extending my giveaways!
yay! You still have 1 week to earn entries!
Remember, More Entries means more chances of winning! :D
For those who haven't join yet,  HURRY! JOIN NOW! :)

For easy entries,  I placed the raffle copter widgets below! :D
 *Your Fashion Architect will be on HIATUS
so just keep on joining giveaways!*


  1. yay! extending! You're super nice.. thank you!

  2. wow! is this really true?? I won two times.. I'm so overwhelmed and excited at the same time.. Thank you so much <3 <3 <3 I'm looking forward for the new set of giveaways!! Stay Blessed!!

    p.s. by the why how can i get my prices? (sorry for asking, this is my first time to win some giveaways :) ) xoxo

  3. Hi Trishie what item did i won? thanks for the giveaway =)

  4. postingan yang bagus tentang YFA On Hiatus = GIVEAWAYS EXTENDED


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