Aug 2, 2012

Work Hard Party Later

            I know that at least more than 50% of you who are reading this already heard the news about my Trishie Couture. I've been working hard for this lately same thing with my plates. I am really inspired to make clothes or design houses everyday; I feel like my day is so worth it whenever I finnish a dress/cocktail dress/gown or a house design. Its been quite hard for me to sew my own designs since I never studied sewing. (For those who misunderstandsewing course is different from fashion design course. )But I need, at least to try and practice it since I have my own sewing machine.  You don't know how much my back aches whenever I'm on hand with my T-square or with my sewing machine. You don't know how much efforts I am giving to these stuffs just to pursue my dreams. A dream to become a fashion designer and an Architect Master in Interior Design :)

                Back pains, Head Aches, Sleepless nights. What to regret? I know all of these will be worth it. All the hardships and efforts that I am giving to these stuffs will be paid and rewarded later. But guess what? I think the rewards are coming a little too early! hihi.  I never wished to earn money for this Grand Launch event. But, this event of mine will be sponsored by a talent agency named "Diversity Modelos de Manila" Just my Luck! Or should I say, I am just so blessed with people around me :> So, since my Grand Launch is a sponsored event, I never need to pay for anything; In fact, I am the one who will be paid(like a talent fee or salary) for my designs, hardwork and passion :"> Its not just that! An organization team and an events place (Cant name drop yet) will sponsor my "after party" or "pre party" event for my Trishie Couture Grand Launch. Everyone is invited! (yiiikes! It feels like its my 18th birthday all over again) Wait theres more! Its a shower of blessings for me! AAAAHHHH! I will work as a fashion designer/stylist on a magazine!!!!!  Great right? Are you happy for me? :> I hope so! :)

                   So, Why am I telling you all of these?  (I Just realized, its too funny that there's a lot of thoughts came out in me just because  because of my emotions right now- happy and inspired) I wanna share to you what I wanna buy for myself as a reward using my incomes on this fashion industry till september. So what is it? A new smart phone that I can use for browsing and blogging anywhere I go. 

                   Actually, my main intention of this blog is to share to you the review that I just read on CNET. Why? Because I am confused on what to buy. A Samsung Galaxy S3 or should I just wait for iphone 5? Hmmm... Confused too? If so, You better check out this review. I know that this is not related to fashion or architecture, But I think its way too informational that helped me a lot and I just cant resist not to share it with you guys.

iPhone 5 versus Samsung Galaxy S3: Wait or buy now?

Samsung Galaxy S III, GSIII, GS3, iPhone(Credit: CNET)

"The Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) is a great phone, but should I wait for the iPhone 5 instead?"
This is the kind of question we CNET editors are asked all the time, and with good reason. Given the breakneck pace of the smartphone world, there's always something good now, but something better around the corner -- and you want your investment to last.
In some ways, the answers are obvious if you prefer one OS over another, have a Mac at home, or need a phone right now. However, if not, there's a lot to like about each platform's superphone (we surmise; one of them hasn't even been announced yet), and we can't make your decision for you. So here's what we'll do. We're going to break it down by some of the phone features that we think could sway your decision.
When it comes to first-class materials, Apple has Samsung beat. That is, if you like glass on both sides of your handset, and an industrial look and feel. With the Galaxy S3, Samsung unabashedly sticks to its plastic preference, but has managed to make it look and feel sleeker and more desirable than on past Galaxy S devices. The GS3 also features a Gorilla Glass 2 cover, which we expect Apple to announce as well on its mystery iPhone.

Size is the other issue. Rumors point to an iPhone 5 with a larger screen, but an only slightly taller profile. Apple's phone would still fit in the hand about the same way. Compare this with the Galaxy S3, which dwarfs the iPhone 4S. We like its smooth, comfortable feel, but some people will simply find it too large.
Apple has made it abundantly clear that it's obsessed with screen quality. And now that the MacBook Pro is sporting a Retina Display, it's safe to assume the next iPhone will be equipped with the same technlogy. Though the iPhone 4S has the brighter and sharper display of the two phones, the Galaxy S3's HD Super AMOLED display has richer color contrast. Some argue that the S3's AMOLED screen technology oversaturates, and in some cases we do find that to be true.

However, the human eye can only register so much. As displays get sharper in high-end devices, getting into the minutia of screen comparisons won't say as much about user experience as size does. And as we previously stated, the Galaxy S3's 4.8-inch screen may seem like overkill for some, but it'll definitely feel less cramped than the iPhone, even if the iPhone 5 does get the expected 4-inch screen.
Samsung Galaxy S III screen comparison
The Samsung Galaxy S3's screen is dimmer than the HTC One X's (above) and the iPhone 4S' (below.)

(Credit: Josh MIller/CNET)
If the camera specs for the new iPhone remain in line with the current model (as in it'll still have an 8-megapixel lens and an A5 chip), then we'll let our shoot-out shots between the S3, the iPhone 4S, and the HTC One X speak for themselves. We found that the cameras had their specific strengths and weaknesses under certain conditions.

However, Apple is never one to pass up a chance to lift smartphone camera standards and some rumors about an interchangeable lens and a high-definition front-facing camera would call for another camera showdown.
For now, the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4S offer the same amount of megapixels, high dynamic range, and zero shutter lag. But if you want something featured-packed, the GS3 has a lot of options. True, we don't know what sort of services the new iPhone will offer, but the GS3 already has panoramic shooting, burst shot, two sharing modes, and other fun shooting settings like "cartoon" (a la "A Scanner Darkly") and "beauty" (a la this-is-not-real-life).


Samsung and Qualcomm teamed up to put a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor in the Galaxy S3, which makes it one of the fastest phones in the U.S. Apple is all about advancing its processors with each succeeding model. Rumor is that Apple will promote the 4S' A5 chip to a faster A5X chip. We'd expect the same quad-core graphics processor that's in the iPad 3. However, don't get too caught up in processor specs (after all, quad-core prowess is still shrouded in myth). Both phones' internals will impress.

Data speeds

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 5 will be evenly matched once the iPhone comes along with its expected (and anticipated!) 4G LTE support. Just keep in mind that not every carrier supports LTE (like Sprint and T-Mobile), and some networks are faster than others.


Whether or not a phone is right for you depends on a whole bushel of personal values, but the bottom line is that when you compare the main features and specs, the Galaxy S3 is good enough to recommend on its own against the iPhone 4S.

However, if you're open to either OS (as we are) and you're in no rush to buy a phone, here's what we'd do. We'd go ahead and wait until Apple's announcement this autumn. If the iPhone 5 fails to impress you, the Galaxy S3 has proven itself a worthwhile device with plenty of bells and whistles. And if in your estimation it falls before Apple's charms, you'll be fully informed and clear from any pangs of buyer's remorse.

My boyf is just right! He told me that he doesn't advice me to buy an iphone 4 because iphone 5 is coming. And apple is doing some sh*t that they will make your phone eventually slow that you will need to update it to their newly upgraded softwares. Meaning, He recommends Samsung Galaxy S3. And I just agreed to him now after i read this article. First thing, the screen is bigger and the design is thinner. Another one is that it has more features on its camera/photography. :) I only hope that the market will release different fashionably cases for Samsung S3 just like for iphones. hihi..                  

I hope this article helped you just like it helped me :)                 

            Anyway, before I go to sleep, I wanna share to you guys how much happy, thankful and blessed I am :) Thank You Lord. And thank you for all the people who supports and believes in me. :)   Goodnight World! Don't let the bed bugs bite! :) 


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