Aug 28, 2012

Too Lacey to Function

Last Saturday was me and my boyf's 8th monthsary. And of course, we went out for a date :) And this is what I wore.
Laces are one of my obsession. Thats why my friends always tease me (Sinuot mo na naman yung kurtina nyo) Haha! 
That's why I really fell inlove with this pink lacey shorts when Vaintage shop sent it to me :")

Laces never really goes out of style. The material itself gives an effortlessly dainty and feminine look -Which is my personal style.

I also got surprised with this blazer. The sheer floral details on its back really matched the lacey and dainty feel.

My lace top from Board Walk and Lace shorts from Vaintage shop are really made for each other!
Its like im wearing a romper huh? :)

Showing you the details of my outfit

This necklace was my mom's. And she just gave it to me like years ago. Speaking of Vintage huh?

Statement ring given by Get Laud! (Left) , and DIY rings made by your trully(Right)
Watch out for my next DIY blog post :)

That's it! Gonna do my plates now.

Lace top- Board Walk
Lace shorts- Vaintage shop
Belt- Gift
Blazer- Vaintage shop
Statement Ring- Get Laud!
Other rings- DIY
High heeled loafer- Thrifted
Necklace- Vintage (From mom)
Watch- Omega
Books- Fashionary, Secrets of becoming a Fashion Therapist

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  1. I also get teased for wearing curtain-ish clothes as well, non the less i love it.. I adore your outfit :D

  2. @steph-g hahaha! We have a mutual feeling :D

  3. @steph-g anyway thank you so much! :)


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