Aug 1, 2012

My Mini Walk-in Closet

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Goodmorning my lovely readers :>
If you are a follower on my twitter, (@trishiedc) You'll know that I re-organized my dresser.
Here's a small space in my room that is unused, so I DIY-ed it to a "Mini Walk-in Closet" ^^ I cant wait for our house renovation this year because I'll be having a real and my own walk in closet. Finally, a Dream come true :) But since its not yet done, for the mean time, here's my temporary mini walk-in closet :) I hope you like it ;)

Just so you know, This is just some of my clothing, I still have a one big cabinet full of shoes and clothes in front of my bed :)
Anyway, Im sorry for a messy min walk-in closet coz it's just an ambush photoshoot since my brother just got home from work so I asked him right away to take pictures of it in just a couple of minutes :>

The clothes here are composed of my favorite dresses, long skirts, blazers and flowy blouses that needs to be hang.

never mind of the hangers. Imma buy hangers with just one color so it'll look presentable. :)

If you wonder why I Am dressed up, It is because I Am preparing my outfit as well as the other model's outfit for a photoshoot the day after.

My favorite bags :)

These are my season's favorites.

Hello my first pair of heel-less! ;)
that's all for today!
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  1. Looks really cool! I would love to see your new walk in closet in the future.

  2. This is soooo amazing!!! Wow. you have a lot of heels! I don't even have one! Just keep on borrowing to my sister! :)) Really love your Walk-in Closet! :)) Hope to have one! :))


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