Aug 30, 2012

Mikayla's Boutique - Win and Shop to Donate

GoodMorning dollies! Do you know that my morning got really great today? Coz I already got the dress (sponsored by Mikayla's Boutique) that I will wear on my event Trishie Couture Grand Launch. (RSVP HERE
Yay! I promise that it is so gorgeouuuuus! Cant wait to wear it! aaaaahhh! :D But forgive me if I cant show it to you now because I dont wanna be a spoiler. hihi..

Moving on, together with the dress for me, is the fabulous dress that I personally chose that Mikayla's Boutique will be given away for one of the winner of the event's special awards such as "Model of the Night", "Best Dressed of the Night" or "Face of the Night"... How about you? Do you know what to wear already? hihi..

They have the cutest packaging ever!
And guess what, At the back of this tag stated that every part of their sales will be given to CRIBS foundation. CRIBS grew out of a response to the hundreds of infants rejected and given up every year and the increasing number of abused, traumatized children.

My heart really felt when I read this. I am really so lucky to receive any single item from them. Well you too! Because of the amazing prize that you may get  on my event plus she will be given away gcs so you better scroll down till the end! hihi..

Geelyn (The owner) really has a good heart. The name "Mikayla's Boutique" is even got from her child's name. :) She is so sweet right? :)

Do you remember the SHOEprize promo they had last month that I posted HERE? Well well well, They dont only sell shoes, They sell every item that a girl is looking for! From dresses, blouses, bottoms, blazers, accessories, couple clothes and even cosmetics! Allow me to show you some of their gorgeous products:

Of course here's my fave shoes. Click HERE for my other top picks shoes

Some of their "Dress to Kill" Collection

Oooh sooo Lovely Satchel Bags! I just got inlooove with them :| 

They also have statement necklaces and accessories

Finally, Make ups and cosmetics

So, We have a special treat for you to welcome September/ "BER" month as well as Geelyn's "BER"thday! Mikayla's Boutique will be given away 5 P50 Gift Certificates to my 5 lucky readers!
I know I know its not that too big. But rememer, You can help children (CRIBS Foundation) by purchasing to them. Plus their items are not that expensive. So no harm! right?

You know the deal right? Just enter the raffle copter below to earn entries and get the chance to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Promo runs from September 1 to 30, 2012.
*Redemption of P50 Gift Certificates is only up to December 31, 2012.


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