Aug 24, 2012

Busy days

Here are the things that Im up to while I'm on HIATUS

First of all, the main reason is that my house got flooded so Ive spent many days cleaning and renovating our house. It's not yet done though. Wait! I still have plans on my bed, Will make it higher and make it like a "Princess Bed". Believe it or not, I painted my own room. Ofcourse with the help of my kasambahay.
Anw, Saw my new hello kitty baby? Hi jan! thanks for that! :D

Designing for Trishie Couture Launch

Reading magazines and books. And doing some stuffs on laptop. And I also finished my articles for a magazine's October issue. Plus, I am also preparing some stuffs for my event.

Satisfied my tummy and got fatter :((
Usually, I receive items from sponsors. But this time, its kinda unique, Someone gave me a dinner with a sweet note :)
P.S. I also received packed of items from sponsors that I will blog next.
School stuffs and plates

Spent time with my boyfie and friends. We also fought and broke up. But we're okay now :)
Wooops. I just said that we broke up. "There's a rainbow after the rain" . Yah right! The rainbow is right away! He is courting me again as well as my family. haha! He gave me this bouquet while Im having fun with my relatives. Together with the bouquet are pizzas, sisigs and drinks for my relatives.. Plus a romantic notes for me. :) He is so sweeeeeeeet! :D 
I also went out with my friends for several times.
And lastly, Fixing my WALK-IN CLOSET. It's not yet done though. But I am already using it. yay! Will post more about it as soon as we finished it. Im so excited to show it to you! yey!

So that's it! How bout you? tell me what you've been up to lately :)



  1. lovely photos!

  2. This shoots are very nice, love your blog sweety... do you mind following each other?


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