Aug 31, 2012

Blog to Inspire, Not for anything else.

Its been almost half a year since I started blogging from Tumblr, - And its been only 1 month since I transferred here on blogspot but it seems like I'm blogging for years already. I really love blogging. At first, I just post random photos (edited with instagram) on tumblr about me and my life, I didn't know anything about blogging. I even didn't know Kryz Uy, Camille Co and Laureen Uy that time. I just blogged for the reason that I wanna record all the happy memories in my life through "My Online Diary". I never care about how many visitors will I get. All I know is just to post and post random things about me. Until I ended up posting outfit pictures consecutively. I didnt expect that my personal blog will turned into a fashion blog. I also didnt expect to have sponsors, advertisements, opportunities and most of all, I didnt expect to have people I inspire through this blog. Well, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. My heart is really jumping so high every time someone tells me that I inspire them.  And having them/you is really a big thingy for me - It only means that they/you give time and love to read my blog, and I am an influence to them/you. 

Becoming a fashion blogger is really not into my plans. I could just say that, ITS MEANT TO BE FOR ME.  And I meant to Inspire and influence people. Here I will show you who are these people (My personal and close friends) that I inspired to make their own blog. Its such a huge flattering thing for me that I am a good influence and inspiration to people and most especially to my friends. And for me, That's the best part of blogging :)

Sylie Miranda (Fashion Blog)
"A Little Bit of Everything"

Jae Reyes (Beauty/Make-up Blog)
"Jae Reyes Fashion Make-up"

Aljeroe Funtilla(Architecture/Men's Fashion Blog)
"Design in One"

Jamie Ponce(Personal/Fashion Blog)
"The Fearless Chic"

Hazel Chinjen (Food Blog)
"Stalwart the Food Explorer"


Besides of my friends, I also have new found co-blogger friends who already did featured me on their blogs. And my heart really skip a bit everytime I hear these kind of things  :D Forgive me for being such an "easily-aprecciating" person. heehaa! :)) Check out their posts below:

From Rae "Raellarina" Abigael
Click HERE and her-DIY-rings-influenced-by-me-post HERE
(I'm glad how I am able to share my creativity through blogging. Im surprised that i even taught my readers on how to DIY stuffs. Just like Rae)

From Kat Bustamante, This one is the most flattering one.
Click HERE and the continuation HERE

And Finally, From Steph G. She nominated me some award.
Click HERE

 For being just a 6 month blogger, I didn't noticed that i already inspire a lot of people and 5 of them are which I influenced to make their own blog. They are my close and personal friends pa ha :") How about yung hindi? :) Uh, Is there somebody out there whom I also inspire to make one? :) Raise your hand, message me, lets chat and be friends! :D Yes I know Im not that famous fashion blogger, But influencing 5 people to make their own blog in just my 6 months of being a blogger is I think already a reason to be in a position to give a piece of advice;

 I would say that in blogging, you just really have to love what you do and know who you are through it all. whatever fame - or lack thereof - you may receive, just keep doing what you do. passion and commitment are very important in maintaining a blog, especially a blog that people keep coming back to. Don't blog just for the sake of getting sponsors. i understand how fabulous that sounds and how awesome it appears on the blogs that you follow, but that's not what blogging is all about. just keep doing what you love and just keep expressing your feelings through blog. And most especially, BE REAL. Dont be such a "Social Climber". But atleast learn how to interact with your readers and fellow bloggers. Just enjoy and have fun! :) Me, Even if my sponsors and readers leave me, I will still continue to love blogging. 

"We grow into some beautiful person that we're supposed to be -Some earlier, Some later. And we become that beautiful person by consistently being what we want to become each day"

-Your Fashion Architect

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Good Night! Have a Sweet Sleep! Dont let the bed bugs bite! :)

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