Aug 10, 2012

Leopard Plus Neons

Hey dollies! How's everybody so far? I hope everyone is safe!  This week has been a tragic week for us. Things happen and life goes on. I'm Thankful that I'm safe and that no one from my love ones get hurt. But my heart continue to ache since many Filipinos are still suffering because of the calamity that gave us. Please let's help our fellow Filipinos by referring to THIS. For the mean time, Im glad to say that IM BACK! :) But I still have a lot of works to do. One of that is cleaning the mess that the flood brought in my house :'( But just for the love of blogging, here i am again, giving some time and love just for you my lovely readers :)

This will be a blog post about the DDG Magazine Launch. I know its too late because it took forever to get some of the event pictures :| Well, I guess its better late than never. Right? :)

Let's start this blog post with a video :) FIND ME! =))
Tequila shots!

Miss Apple Hollin, Editor-in-chief

We had so much fun and felt a success on the event. But, the sad thing is that DSLR is not allowed inside because there was an official photographers. Thus, we wasn't able to take enough pictures and we just took an outfit photos after the event. So, spell H-A-G-G-A-R-D :| Plus, we are kinda tipsy that time already. So I wasn't able to get a nice outfit shot :( So pls bear with me:| Anyway, Thank You so much Julie for the pictures :) So, here's what I wore

Wooops. My outfit gone wild  :| And Im sorry bout that :|
Anyhow, Have you already tried mixing 2 or more trends together? well, I just did. Animal prints(Leopard) plus Neons. What do you think of it? :)

Uuuugghhh Pls dont mind the people at the back :))
(Just so you know, Im not the kind of blogger who edit pictures first before posting.. :| I just always upload them right away! :D )

Top- Forever21
Skirt- Vaintage
Belt- Genevieve Gozum
Neon Bangles- DIY
Hat - Genuine leather
Necklace(Above)- Genevieve Gozum
Necklace(Under)- Personalized Accessories



  1. I really like the shoes :)

  2. postingan yang bagus tentang Leopard Plus Neons

  3. love your outfit dear! :)
    Super like ko ang Genevieve Gozum! Ikaw rin? ^^)


  4. rae- thanks dear! yup love ko din yun. pero jellybean p dn ako hihi :">


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