Aug 31, 2012

First try on denim

Hello dollies! You know how much girly I am- But when I saw this Mid denim bustier top from ROMWE, I just cant let it go. So this is my first try on wearing one of this season's trend- denim. 

Anyway, this is what I wore on my regular pampering day. 

I still manage to make it girly girl and my personal style even though denim is not a girly girl thing. hihi.

Tried to lower my skirt. hihi. pls forgive my big tummy :(

The bustier fits me well :) Good thing that ROMWE has their size chart :)

I bought this floral crown on a street vendor. It helped me to pull off my personal style on this outfit. :)

whoaaa I look so thin here! hehe

off course I can't go out too exposed.. That's why I wore a cover-up. 

I made both the animal print cardigan and maxi skirt :) Speaking of Trishie Couture Casual Wear huh?

yay say hello to my new pink bed! hihi. its not yet done though.

Midrib dennim bustier- ROMWE
Animal Print Cardigan- Trishie Couture
Maxi Skirt- Trishie Couture
Wedge- Fashion Ave
Crown- Street vendor

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That's all for today. Gotta go to FIP later.
How about you? where are you up to later? Its T.G.I.F! My favorite :) 
Have a great friday everyone!

Blog to Inspire, Not for anything else.

Its been almost half a year since I started blogging from Tumblr, - And its been only 1 month since I transferred here on blogspot but it seems like I'm blogging for years already. I really love blogging. At first, I just post random photos (edited with instagram) on tumblr about me and my life, I didn't know anything about blogging. I even didn't know Kryz Uy, Camille Co and Laureen Uy that time. I just blogged for the reason that I wanna record all the happy memories in my life through "My Online Diary". I never care about how many visitors will I get. All I know is just to post and post random things about me. Until I ended up posting outfit pictures consecutively. I didnt expect that my personal blog will turned into a fashion blog. I also didnt expect to have sponsors, advertisements, opportunities and most of all, I didnt expect to have people I inspire through this blog. Well, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. My heart is really jumping so high every time someone tells me that I inspire them.  And having them/you is really a big thingy for me - It only means that they/you give time and love to read my blog, and I am an influence to them/you. 

Becoming a fashion blogger is really not into my plans. I could just say that, ITS MEANT TO BE FOR ME.  And I meant to Inspire and influence people. Here I will show you who are these people (My personal and close friends) that I inspired to make their own blog. Its such a huge flattering thing for me that I am a good influence and inspiration to people and most especially to my friends. And for me, That's the best part of blogging :)

Sylie Miranda (Fashion Blog)
"A Little Bit of Everything"

Jae Reyes (Beauty/Make-up Blog)
"Jae Reyes Fashion Make-up"

Aljeroe Funtilla(Architecture/Men's Fashion Blog)
"Design in One"

Jamie Ponce(Personal/Fashion Blog)
"The Fearless Chic"

Hazel Chinjen (Food Blog)
"Stalwart the Food Explorer"


Besides of my friends, I also have new found co-blogger friends who already did featured me on their blogs. And my heart really skip a bit everytime I hear these kind of things  :D Forgive me for being such an "easily-aprecciating" person. heehaa! :)) Check out their posts below:

From Rae "Raellarina" Abigael
Click HERE and her-DIY-rings-influenced-by-me-post HERE
(I'm glad how I am able to share my creativity through blogging. Im surprised that i even taught my readers on how to DIY stuffs. Just like Rae)

From Kat Bustamante, This one is the most flattering one.
Click HERE and the continuation HERE

And Finally, From Steph G. She nominated me some award.
Click HERE

 For being just a 6 month blogger, I didn't noticed that i already inspire a lot of people and 5 of them are which I influenced to make their own blog. They are my close and personal friends pa ha :") How about yung hindi? :) Uh, Is there somebody out there whom I also inspire to make one? :) Raise your hand, message me, lets chat and be friends! :D Yes I know Im not that famous fashion blogger, But influencing 5 people to make their own blog in just my 6 months of being a blogger is I think already a reason to be in a position to give a piece of advice;

 I would say that in blogging, you just really have to love what you do and know who you are through it all. whatever fame - or lack thereof - you may receive, just keep doing what you do. passion and commitment are very important in maintaining a blog, especially a blog that people keep coming back to. Don't blog just for the sake of getting sponsors. i understand how fabulous that sounds and how awesome it appears on the blogs that you follow, but that's not what blogging is all about. just keep doing what you love and just keep expressing your feelings through blog. And most especially, BE REAL. Dont be such a "Social Climber". But atleast learn how to interact with your readers and fellow bloggers. Just enjoy and have fun! :) Me, Even if my sponsors and readers leave me, I will still continue to love blogging. 

"We grow into some beautiful person that we're supposed to be -Some earlier, Some later. And we become that beautiful person by consistently being what we want to become each day"

-Your Fashion Architect

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Good Night! Have a Sweet Sleep! Dont let the bed bugs bite! :)

Aug 30, 2012

Heel-Less shoes Last 6 pairs

Heyah dollies! We're still selling heel-less shoes But we only have 6 pairs remaining!
From 3,500 before, Now its only 3,000.


(The photos are the actual photo of the shoes)

red, hot pink, blue, black

wood heel-less

We still have 1 pair each left. All are size 6. 
While there is one black plain heel-less shoes that is size 7.

PM me for orders



Hello dollies! Have you joined my giveaways that I just posted a couple of minutes ago? Well you better JOIN HERE NOW! :)

Hmmm. If you're my friend on facebook and you're a follower on my twitter (@trishiedc) , you'll know that I am featured on Candy Magazine's September Issue. hihi.. So for those who aint my friend or follower, I'll just spread the good news here of course on my blog :) 

Thanks to my High schoolmate Pauline (lower batch) for informing me about this feature. Too good that she is always updated on Candy magazines. Or should I say, she's too advance? hihi..

The cover of Candy Mag's September Issue.
The Candy Cuties

September 2012 Issue

Fashion Section

Tadaaa! Its Me! :D

Photo By: Kevin dela Cruz
Top By: Vaintage Shop

aaahhhh! I hope your happy for me too 

Anyhow, Candy Fair 2012 is also near! If you want to attend the event, You need to buy this September's Issue to get the ticket inside :)

Here are the other magazines that Im up to for now. Ohh, September is coming, Battle of the covers begins! 

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Cases for you Gadgets Giveaway

Hello Readers! As promised, Here's another giveaway from Your Fashion Architect. And this time, It'll be from one of my sponsors, Cases for you Gadgets. Sounds familiar huh? Yes because they do sponsor some other famous fashion bloggers and celebrities in the country. :) They can even customize a case for you! Cool eh? :)

Here are just some of their personalized cases. Cool right?

I know you wanna have your own personalized case for your gadget! That's why we will be giving away P500.00 Gift Certificate to my 1 Lucky Reader! Yay!

You know the deal, Just enter the raffle copter Below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The Giveaway will end on September 30, 2012

Mikayla's Boutique - Win and Shop to Donate

GoodMorning dollies! Do you know that my morning got really great today? Coz I already got the dress (sponsored by Mikayla's Boutique) that I will wear on my event Trishie Couture Grand Launch. (RSVP HERE
Yay! I promise that it is so gorgeouuuuus! Cant wait to wear it! aaaaahhh! :D But forgive me if I cant show it to you now because I dont wanna be a spoiler. hihi..

Moving on, together with the dress for me, is the fabulous dress that I personally chose that Mikayla's Boutique will be given away for one of the winner of the event's special awards such as "Model of the Night", "Best Dressed of the Night" or "Face of the Night"... How about you? Do you know what to wear already? hihi..

They have the cutest packaging ever!
And guess what, At the back of this tag stated that every part of their sales will be given to CRIBS foundation. CRIBS grew out of a response to the hundreds of infants rejected and given up every year and the increasing number of abused, traumatized children.

My heart really felt when I read this. I am really so lucky to receive any single item from them. Well you too! Because of the amazing prize that you may get  on my event plus she will be given away gcs so you better scroll down till the end! hihi..

Geelyn (The owner) really has a good heart. The name "Mikayla's Boutique" is even got from her child's name. :) She is so sweet right? :)

Do you remember the SHOEprize promo they had last month that I posted HERE? Well well well, They dont only sell shoes, They sell every item that a girl is looking for! From dresses, blouses, bottoms, blazers, accessories, couple clothes and even cosmetics! Allow me to show you some of their gorgeous products:

Of course here's my fave shoes. Click HERE for my other top picks shoes

Some of their "Dress to Kill" Collection

Oooh sooo Lovely Satchel Bags! I just got inlooove with them :| 

They also have statement necklaces and accessories

Finally, Make ups and cosmetics

So, We have a special treat for you to welcome September/ "BER" month as well as Geelyn's "BER"thday! Mikayla's Boutique will be given away 5 P50 Gift Certificates to my 5 lucky readers!
I know I know its not that too big. But rememer, You can help children (CRIBS Foundation) by purchasing to them. Plus their items are not that expensive. So no harm! right?

You know the deal right? Just enter the raffle copter below to earn entries and get the chance to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Promo runs from September 1 to 30, 2012.
*Redemption of P50 Gift Certificates is only up to December 31, 2012.


Aug 28, 2012

DIY Rings Batch 2

Its been a long time since I posted a DIY project. It's because Ive been so busy for so many things that I cant give time for DIY stuffs already. But yesterday, I gave up. I cant help to make DIY stuffs again.

Remember this picture? Its my first DIY rings project that I taught you. If you already forgot about it, Click HERE

So, I just made another set of rings using the same procedure. But Take Note! I have a glue gun now! haha! 

This time, I made a connector rings! yeehaaa! :D

This one is an experiment ring. A "Bunny ear ring" haha

Another Connector ring, My favorite! 

Ring with chain

A charm I got from candy girl

I hope you like it!

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Too Lacey to Function

Last Saturday was me and my boyf's 8th monthsary. And of course, we went out for a date :) And this is what I wore.
Laces are one of my obsession. Thats why my friends always tease me (Sinuot mo na naman yung kurtina nyo) Haha! 
That's why I really fell inlove with this pink lacey shorts when Vaintage shop sent it to me :")

Laces never really goes out of style. The material itself gives an effortlessly dainty and feminine look -Which is my personal style.

I also got surprised with this blazer. The sheer floral details on its back really matched the lacey and dainty feel.

My lace top from Board Walk and Lace shorts from Vaintage shop are really made for each other!
Its like im wearing a romper huh? :)

Showing you the details of my outfit

This necklace was my mom's. And she just gave it to me like years ago. Speaking of Vintage huh?

Statement ring given by Get Laud! (Left) , and DIY rings made by your trully(Right)
Watch out for my next DIY blog post :)

That's it! Gonna do my plates now.

Lace top- Board Walk
Lace shorts- Vaintage shop
Belt- Gift
Blazer- Vaintage shop
Statement Ring- Get Laud!
Other rings- DIY
High heeled loafer- Thrifted
Necklace- Vintage (From mom)
Watch- Omega
Books- Fashionary, Secrets of becoming a Fashion Therapist

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