Jul 30, 2012

Rainy Day Outfit

Hey dollies! How are you today? You better take care of yourselves because of this bad weather. 
Anyhow, Who said that a typhoon can stop me from being fashionable? yikes! nonononono!
In fact, I wanna show you how to dress up during rainy season. :)

Well, for me, the best way to dress up and be fashionable during the cold days is to layer clothes. 
In that case, you'll save your self from wearing jackets during a cold weather. 
So, this is how I wear a layered outfit.
 1st, I wore this floral dress sent to me by Define Luxe as a base outfit. I added a sheer top from Trishie Couture to layer it.
I added up a crochet cardigan for a more fashionable look and at the same time, It protected me from a cold weather. Then finally, my favorite part, Accessorize!

So, what do you think about my look? :)

Hey! Just so you know, I used that umbrella for real! :))
I took an outfit shot outdoor even if it is raining just for the love of blogging :)

If only that we have four seasons in our country, Maybe you can see me wearing boots and fur jackets while making a snow man during winter. 
Hey! Forgive me for a low quality of photos :( I didn't noticed that my camera isn't set to the highest resolution until I got home :|

So, what did I do yesterday? My boyfie and I went to SM North Edsa, He applied for a Globe postpaid plan, we ate, and then I had a mini shopping. :) shout out for JELLY BEAN! yay! :)

Anyway, After that, We went to our friend's house to visit our so called tito Dan. We didn't expect what happened last night :( Well, Maybe we are destined to be there. Atleast we're there as friends to accompany his children. Always! Vina and Migs, Be strong! We'll be there again later.  Love ya both! 

 Life is too short. Maybe tito Dan already accomplished his mission in this world. May you rest in Peace tito Dan. You're like a real blood uncle for us. You left us with a great image. You're the best!
Condolence to Co Family. Talagang ganyan ang buhay...
"Fvck Cancer! :|"



  1. wow trishie! i love your outfit! :))
    Hey, do you often go to SM North Edsa? Malapit lang kasi kami there eh. haha! Hope I'll bump into you one of these days. :D

    and condolence to the Co Family..


  2. hi raeabigael! Yup, madalas nmn ako dun kasi that's the mall n pnkamadali punthan from home. :) then MOA nmana from school. :) we can meet and bond nmn some time e :)


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