Jul 16, 2012

Pink Polka Dots

I wore this outfit into a hot and sunny day when I met my friend Manuel Garcia of Designrshub.com. He bought a domain for me and do some stuffs for my official blog. I am really thankful that I have a really humble friend like him. Do you know that I saw his blog analytics and it gets 6k plus unique visitors per day? :O He didn't even told me that until I saw it on alexa rank. hihi.. Manuel I know you're reading this! Your Proud friend here! Haha!
I've been searching for a pink polka dots corset for like 192365^%*85 months. Thankyou Vaintage Shoppe for putting that search into an end :>
Pacute pose! haha! anw, I brought laptop that day that I put in this bag. And this bag is given to me by my bestfriend jae reyes. It is a perfect case for MacBook Pro. :)
woops! another pacute pose! haha
Thank You Personalized Accessories for these super cute accessories <3
Cotton jumper- Wet Seal from states
Shades- Mint
Hello Kitty bag- Gift from my friend Jay Reyes

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  1. I'm actually resisting an unidentified force that tells me to add my "thank you" comment here. (science) *Kidding. Anyway, you're welcome :P And thank you for broadcasting my name as well as my blog here. LOL! Good Luck.


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