Jul 26, 2012

Messy Hair Bun Tutorial

Here's another blog repost from my tumblr blog.
This will be my first ever tutorial on www.trishiedelacruz.com hihi..

hello readers! As I promised, I will show you how to make a clean and messy hair bun using hair make-over goodies that SHY SHOP sent me.
Anyway, Here's my first ever tutorial post on this blog. hihi. Hope you like it!

Using a French Twist Bun maker

First, Grab your hair inside the french twist bun

Then Roll your hair upwards.

and then clip it at the end. Tadaaaa! A nice and clean french twist bun.
oooops. Pls bare with me coz it resulted in a not so clean bun. :>
Now, my second tutorial is a messy hair bun using a donut bun

First ponytail your hair

second, insert the donut bun

Then twist your hair around the donut bun.

the Viola! A perfect messy hair bun
So easy right? Go grap yours  on shy shop
Thank you so much Shy shop for sending me these goodies

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