Jul 13, 2012

Trend Spotting: Socks on Heels

Hello there readers! I just bought magazines for this July :)
So, whats our topic for today? I just spotted on these magazines some trend that I tried like 3 months ago. Yah, It's on the title. Socks on heels. Some of you knows that wearing a socks is old school and out of trend. But you are just definitely wrong! This season's trend is just really broad and adjustable. It's about breaking the rules. Like patterns on patterns, chucks on dress... But that's another story. hihi. So,hmm..  everytime I wear socks on heels, A lot of people are just complaining about it. I dont understang why people who doesn't appreciate fashion are just like that? They will say a lot of negative things about you. About you wear. They dont appreciate that fashion is the way you express your self. The way you bring out your personality. blah blah blah.

Here are some that I just spotted on these magazines:

Let's get back to the topic, I just want to inform you that socks on heels are in trend right now sawa n nga ako eh. been doing that trend months ago na. But I just can't understand that even one/two of my friends whom I know that is on fashion, doesn't know that? Maybe, people just really notice and criticize anything when they hate you. yung may masabi na lng hehe.. 

Well, Just so you know, fall 2012 collection of Dolce & Gabbana shows socks and heels. While celebrities- local and hollywood, have been doing this trend. In fact, I first learned that trend by the top Fashion bloggers here in our country, Laureen Uy, Camille Co, Kryz Uy and Tricia Gosingtian.

Laureen Uy

Camille Co

Kryz Uy

Tricia Gosingtian

The pairing of socks with heels is an idea that started brewing on the world’s runways a few seasons ago, and the trend is still gathering steam.

This is a look that can be youthful and fun, or ladylike and chic, depending on how you choose to style it. Celebs have been sporting ankle and under-the-knee socks as a fashion-forward alternative to hose or bare legs.

It can be a tricky look to pull off, but when it’s done right, it’s smashing.

One thing’s for sure: this bold look is reserved for the daring girl who has real fun with fashion.
So, Would you dare to wear socks on heels too? Here are some tips on how you can wear this trend
  • Choose thin socks made with a nylon blend. Cotton socks tend to be too thick and can stretch out or sag.
  • Make sure the top of the socks hit at a slim part of your ankle or calf for the most flattering look.
  • The easiest way to wear the look is to match your sock color to your shoe color.
  • Your skirt or dress hem should be short - mid thigh or higher.
A good pair of socks is a fairly inexpensive investment, so this is an easy way to experiment with your look. Have fun with it!
Yay! That's so much word's to take in! But, there's something that just pops on my mind :) I think, I better do this kind of article every month. "Trendspotting on magazines" :) Well anyway, Just a fact for me; Magazine is a bit late on trends. Why? Because they are doing it in advance. For example, The magazine that they are working on for this July is for  November issue. Thus, the trend for july will just be shown on november. For example, this trend that I'm talking about, the "Socks on heels". I've been trying this for like 3 months ago but it just showed up on magazines this July. So I suggest, Internet is still an advance way of being on trend. Foreign magazines will do too :)
Anyhow, I learned that advance making of magazines thingy by Sam - the Fashion Editor of Candy Magazine, the one who get and publish my streetstyle picture for the september Issue of Candy Magazine. Yay! Watch out for that! Can't wait!
I hope I helped you out in there :)

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