Jul 27, 2012

Trishie Couture Sneak Peek and my New Baby

Hello dollies! I wanna show to you my new baby!
yay! Finally! My search is over! I got my own "Dress Maker Fitting Form!"
 Thanks to Manekin de Galerya for putting this search to an end 

So, here's a sneak peak on "Trishie Couture"
It is still under construction :)
yay! Here's another one!
okaaay that's enough :) 
If you wanna see more of these gowns/cocktail dresses from my collection, then you better watch
"Trishie Couture Grand Launch" at Star Theatre this September :)

Anyway, Check out this amazing blog posts made by my lovely readers for me and for my very own Trishie Couture :) 
They are just so sweet! :*

I am so Thankful and Blessed that I have these lovely readers who continuously believing on me. :) 
I really love the feeling knowing that I inspire a lot of teenagers like me :)
I love you all and you inspire me too :)

hmm. I am thinking of ways on how to give back the love that my lovely readers are giving me. Thus, there's an idea that came into my mind;  I made this online document proposal for every blogger out there...
Check this out! http://yfaproposal.tumblr.com/ and email me if you're interested 


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  1. ooohhh.I'm loving it Trishie! Now you're making me more excited! haha. Good Luck sa Launching!! Can't wait to meet you ☺



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