Jul 28, 2012

Hello dollies and handsome gentlemen out there!! Do you know a handsome guy that you think can be the next Mr. Philippines? Or do you think that you have the guts? 
Well, you better scroll till the end and maybe one day you're the one that will give honor to our country! 

Mister Philippines 2012 Screening


July 28 2012, Saturday.
August 04 2012, Saturday.


Icon Ultimate Club, 1 to 5 PM
Hotel Intercontinental
1 Ayala Blvd., Makati City

The Founding President and National Director of MISTER PHILIPPINES INC., DR. JOSEPH I. PALLERA has announced that the 3RD ANNUAL MISTER PHILIPPINES FINALS shall be in October 6, 2012. The title holder of Mister Philippines 2012 will compete and represent our country on November 13-24 to Mister International 2012 Thailand.
MISTER PHILIPPINES, INC. (MPI) / MISTER PHILIPPINES formerly Mister Philippines Search Organization Incorporated and Mister Philippines International 2010 is represented since 2009 by its founding President, Dr. Joseph I. Pallera. Mister Philippines 2010 and 2011 (September 4, 2010 and August 14, 2011, respectively) are post activities of the 1st and 2nd Kawit Day Celebration founded in August 1, 1600.
2. 18-29 years old, can speak his mind well, height is just an advantage but preferably 5’11 up, single and has not fathered a child
3. (a) BIRTH CERTIFICATE and/or (b) PHILIPPINE PASSPORT (a must) – present the original for verification purposes only; (c) photocopy of high school or college diploma; (d) school or company ID; (e) negative Drug Test at least 3 months old from any accredited DOH drug testing centers; and (f) Tax Identification Number (TIN).
4. Download and e-mail (g) application form and other requirements with (h) best studio photographs taken within the last 6 months (close-up, full body shot in formal and swimwear).
5. Screening Dates: STARTS IN JULY 2012

Visit their website for more details; http://misterphilippinesinc.com/

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