Jul 23, 2012

DDG Magazine Grand Launch

Way back 2009, There's a modeling and fashion social group who asked me to join them. It became a a success and hit on facebook and we conducted so many fashion shows and events. We also got featured in television shows such as Jessica Soho(GMA) as the "Most Famous Social Group in Facebook"
So, this social group is named "Drop Dead Gorgeous" and was founded by Enz Occena on Decemeber 22, 2009.
This was the first DDG  event (I think) that we had. its a fashion show :)
We are the so called "PIONEER" DDG members. haha! 
I met so many important people in this social group that became a part of my life. uggh.. I miss them so badly :')
Then this was the nth time. Notice that my hair there is already short. hihi..
Then here's another one. This event is my favorite. It is an event by Nocturnals Photographers and most of the models are DDG. 
superstar lng ang peg ko dyan! :))

one of our sponsors that time. "The Bar"

For more photos of these random events Just click HERE

The group had so many ups and downs. We also have so many haters and negative feedbacks. I've been a not so active member for like a year/s until one day Enz contacted me again for this upcoming Magazine Launch. See? You should never let anyone to bring you down. If so, you will succeed! 

Finally the moment we've all been waiting for!

A new kind of magazine that showcases
exciting new features and editorials..

We present to you,
DDG Magazine.....

Philippine's newest social and lifestyle magazine.
Giving you the hottest trends in events,
fashion, people and a whole lot more..

As one of the models, I am inviting you to 

Come celebrate with us in our Red Carpet
Grand Launching on July 26, 2012, 7:00PM at PRIVÉ Luxury Club.

We're gonna have a party rockin good time!

see you there!


  1. How can I attend? I don't get an e-ticket yet? I have 2 days left before the event. Let me know.

  2. hello there! you can register here http://registration.ddgmag.com/ for a free pass. pero you can enter naman prive but you need to pay an entrance fee. :)

  3. i wanna go there, trish... see you there ha! mukhang magandang event yan!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  4. hello there(anonymous)! Im sorry to inform you but this event is private pala. :( so you really need to register for a free pass

  5. sis julie, register ka dito. http://registration.ddgmag.com/

    tatry kong gwan ng paraan pra maisama kita. I'll text you!

  6. i wish you success and good luck to all your projects...

  7. It's july 31 already. so it's finished na. sayang naman. congratz anyway...:D


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