Jul 19, 2012

2nd Batch of Giveaways! 10WINNERS

So, Have you joined my first batch of big giveaways HERE?
Not satisfied? Well, a promise is a promise! I still have a backlogs of giveaways!

 Excited for the 2nd batch huh?

I know! That's why I wont let you wait more coz here's the second batch of Giveaways!

11th Winner: PeterPan Colar necklace from Eyes Candy
12th Winner: Cute Neon Scallop necklace from Eyes Candy
I personally chose these for you :)

Love these?
You can have these or some other items from their shop because the
13th winner will win P1000.00 worth of Gift Certificate from On the Dot Shop
Visit their shop now to view other items that you can claim if you win.
14th, 15th, 16th Winner: 2pcs (each) of wood accessories from Gawang Kamay
17th, 18th, 19th, 20th Winner: Will win 2 Invitations on  Philippine Fashion Week 
this coming October. Yah I know this is too early. But I know you want this. Right? :> Thanks to my FIP fashion designer friends and professors :)
Note: 2 invitations on one show (only) for each winners.

Be one of the 10 Winners. Here's How:

 1.Like my page and all my sponsor's page by simply clicking the like buttons below:

*Since one of my sponsors dont have a facebook page. Please click subscribe

2. Now, You may enter the raffle copter for entries!
  NOTE: It is not necessary to do all of the things on the raffle copter. But remember; "More entries means More Chances of WINNING" 
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Again, Thank you so much to my lovely sponsors for continuously supporting/trusting me  and made this blog launch big giveaways possible!

Thirsty for more? Stay tuned for the last and final batch of giveaways to complete the 30 Winners :)

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