Jul 30, 2012

Rainy Day Outfit

Hey dollies! How are you today? You better take care of yourselves because of this bad weather. 
Anyhow, Who said that a typhoon can stop me from being fashionable? yikes! nonononono!
In fact, I wanna show you how to dress up during rainy season. :)

Well, for me, the best way to dress up and be fashionable during the cold days is to layer clothes. 
In that case, you'll save your self from wearing jackets during a cold weather. 
So, this is how I wear a layered outfit.
 1st, I wore this floral dress sent to me by Define Luxe as a base outfit. I added a sheer top from Trishie Couture to layer it.
I added up a crochet cardigan for a more fashionable look and at the same time, It protected me from a cold weather. Then finally, my favorite part, Accessorize!

So, what do you think about my look? :)

Hey! Just so you know, I used that umbrella for real! :))
I took an outfit shot outdoor even if it is raining just for the love of blogging :)

If only that we have four seasons in our country, Maybe you can see me wearing boots and fur jackets while making a snow man during winter. 
Hey! Forgive me for a low quality of photos :( I didn't noticed that my camera isn't set to the highest resolution until I got home :|

So, what did I do yesterday? My boyfie and I went to SM North Edsa, He applied for a Globe postpaid plan, we ate, and then I had a mini shopping. :) shout out for JELLY BEAN! yay! :)

Anyway, After that, We went to our friend's house to visit our so called tito Dan. We didn't expect what happened last night :( Well, Maybe we are destined to be there. Atleast we're there as friends to accompany his children. Always! Vina and Migs, Be strong! We'll be there again later.  Love ya both! 

 Life is too short. Maybe tito Dan already accomplished his mission in this world. May you rest in Peace tito Dan. You're like a real blood uncle for us. You left us with a great image. You're the best!
Condolence to Co Family. Talagang ganyan ang buhay...
"Fvck Cancer! :|"



Hey dollies! Sorry for being absent this weekend :(
Every weekend is my time to explore the world! hihi. It means, I need to get rid of internet connection and spend my time outside the house for my love ones.
So, Last Saturday is just an ordinary day but my boyfie and I had a dinner at our favorite restaurant. Tempura Grill :)

This is what I wore:

Thank You Churbish Shop for sending me this romper :)
And thankyou Clique n' Shop for the necklace :)
What do you think of my bag? Loved it! Some local store named Dalagita sponsored me this.
You better check out their shop on Victory Mall and GreenHills :)
Anyhow, I used this bag to add color and liveliness  to my outfit. 
will you believe that I made this open shoulder cardigan? :)
ooohlala sunlight :)
I bought the shades last bloggers United 3
Wood bangles from Gawang kamay
I bought the floral connector ring  last Bloggers United 3
Romper - Churbish Shop
Open Shoulder Cardigan- Trishie Couture
Shades- BU3
Floral Connector Ring- BU3
Rock stone paper connector ring- Tagaytay
Loafers- Thrifted
Bag- Dalagita
 Watch- Omega
Chain Bracelet  Churbish Shop
wood bangles- Gawang Kamay
yuuuumy! My favorite!
ooops. sorry if I wasnt able to take picture of it when it was still whole. haha! Hungry muchy eh! :))

uughh.. Meet the one responsible for my big appetite :| haha. love him so much :)  And I would like to greet him a Belated Happy 7th Monthsary on this blog :)
Too sad I wasnt able to blog our monthsary date with our anak-anakan Jae Reyes.
We ate on sea side restaurant (forgot the name) And then we watched The Dark Night Rises :)
My dear! I know you're reading this! Pls upload my outfit shots that day. Haha!


Jul 28, 2012

Hello dollies and handsome gentlemen out there!! Do you know a handsome guy that you think can be the next Mr. Philippines? Or do you think that you have the guts? 
Well, you better scroll till the end and maybe one day you're the one that will give honor to our country! 

Mister Philippines 2012 Screening


July 28 2012, Saturday.
August 04 2012, Saturday.


Icon Ultimate Club, 1 to 5 PM
Hotel Intercontinental
1 Ayala Blvd., Makati City

The Founding President and National Director of MISTER PHILIPPINES INC., DR. JOSEPH I. PALLERA has announced that the 3RD ANNUAL MISTER PHILIPPINES FINALS shall be in October 6, 2012. The title holder of Mister Philippines 2012 will compete and represent our country on November 13-24 to Mister International 2012 Thailand.
MISTER PHILIPPINES, INC. (MPI) / MISTER PHILIPPINES formerly Mister Philippines Search Organization Incorporated and Mister Philippines International 2010 is represented since 2009 by its founding President, Dr. Joseph I. Pallera. Mister Philippines 2010 and 2011 (September 4, 2010 and August 14, 2011, respectively) are post activities of the 1st and 2nd Kawit Day Celebration founded in August 1, 1600.
2. 18-29 years old, can speak his mind well, height is just an advantage but preferably 5’11 up, single and has not fathered a child
3. (a) BIRTH CERTIFICATE and/or (b) PHILIPPINE PASSPORT (a must) – present the original for verification purposes only; (c) photocopy of high school or college diploma; (d) school or company ID; (e) negative Drug Test at least 3 months old from any accredited DOH drug testing centers; and (f) Tax Identification Number (TIN).
4. Download and e-mail (g) application form and other requirements with (h) best studio photographs taken within the last 6 months (close-up, full body shot in formal and swimwear).
5. Screening Dates: STARTS IN JULY 2012

Visit their website for more details; http://misterphilippinesinc.com/

Jul 27, 2012

Trishie Couture Sneak Peek and my New Baby

Hello dollies! I wanna show to you my new baby!
yay! Finally! My search is over! I got my own "Dress Maker Fitting Form!"
 Thanks to Manekin de Galerya for putting this search to an end 

So, here's a sneak peak on "Trishie Couture"
It is still under construction :)
yay! Here's another one!
okaaay that's enough :) 
If you wanna see more of these gowns/cocktail dresses from my collection, then you better watch
"Trishie Couture Grand Launch" at Star Theatre this September :)

Anyway, Check out this amazing blog posts made by my lovely readers for me and for my very own Trishie Couture :) 
They are just so sweet! :*

I am so Thankful and Blessed that I have these lovely readers who continuously believing on me. :) 
I really love the feeling knowing that I inspire a lot of teenagers like me :)
I love you all and you inspire me too :)

hmm. I am thinking of ways on how to give back the love that my lovely readers are giving me. Thus, there's an idea that came into my mind;  I made this online document proposal for every blogger out there...
Check this out! http://yfaproposal.tumblr.com/ and email me if you're interested 


Jul 26, 2012


Are you ready for DDG Magazine Launch Later? Well, I guess I'm quite ready coz I already prepared my outfit. :) Here's a sneak peek ;)
For more details of the event, Click Here
So, see you there?

Messy Hair Bun Tutorial

Here's another blog repost from my tumblr blog.
This will be my first ever tutorial on www.trishiedelacruz.com hihi..

hello readers! As I promised, I will show you how to make a clean and messy hair bun using hair make-over goodies that SHY SHOP sent me.
Anyway, Here's my first ever tutorial post on this blog. hihi. Hope you like it!

Using a French Twist Bun maker

First, Grab your hair inside the french twist bun

Then Roll your hair upwards.

and then clip it at the end. Tadaaaa! A nice and clean french twist bun.
oooops. Pls bare with me coz it resulted in a not so clean bun. :>
Now, my second tutorial is a messy hair bun using a donut bun

First ponytail your hair

second, insert the donut bun

Then twist your hair around the donut bun.

the Viola! A perfect messy hair bun
So easy right? Go grap yours  on shy shop
Thank you so much Shy shop for sending me these goodies

Fashion Institute Experience

Hello there dollies! Have you noticed the changes on my side bar? (Especially the category buttons; I just photoshopped it. hihi..)  That's a helpful tool  to navigate my blog. But since my blog is just new, Some categories are still empty. So I decided to repost some blog posts on my tumblr blog HERE 

So, this post is one of those; so i can fill all my categories on the sidebar. :) Enjoy!  

 I want to share to all of you about my experience on studying at FIP :)
So, way back 2009, before I studied architecture, I studied at Fashion Institute of the Philippines. Why? off course because I wanna be a fashion designer slash architect slash interior designer some day.

Since I am 6 months waiting for the 1st term of Mapua (After I studied 1 term on UST), and I dont wanna waste my time, I enrolled at Club Gymnastica Manila, Halili Cruz school of ballet and at Fashion Institute of the Philippines. 
Too many schools right? yay! haha. Because Im the kind of person who always love doing something. 

Back to the topic- Why FIP?
First of all, Its the first school I knew since I modeled clothes on a fashion show event by FIP. 
Second, There are a lot of  successful designers that I know personally who is a graduate of FIP. One of them is Architect/Fashion Designer Zxander Tan. Check out my blog post about him HERE

And lastly, based on my research, FIP is the least expensive yet worth-it fashion design school here in our country. But guess what? It costs 11,000 per subject not including the instruments that is needed. You think fashion designing is just easy as that? No! Math? Formulas? Its present! We call ourselves "Fashion Engineers"
But I didn't regret. Their right, Its all worth it!

We are like just one family in there. My classmates are of different ages. Teen, Young adult, and even house wives and husbands. 10% are guys, 40% are gays, and 50% are girls. haha!
The professors(Most probably gays) are so friendly! You better get ready your tummy coz you will surely laugh and laugh and laugh! :> One of my favorite professor is Oz Go. (PFW Designer) and guess what? The famous Paul and John Herrera even shared with me their love and s*x life. yay! haha. Yah, they are just so friendly :> And I am so honored to meet and talk to them :)
Anyway, We eat at the same time together with the staffs and professor during break time. And just like a normal school, we teach each other when there are hard patterns.
We even do have homeworks! :( And Exams as well. But the good thing about that is that  all the classes are hands on activity thus you will really be able to learn.

So, here are some pictures that I took during those days. Too bad its only few :( But I admit, Its full of lectures on the board coz of getting tardy on taking down notes :| yah you know when you are excited on doing hands on right away right? So pls forgive me :D

One of our class rooms. Hey there teacher Oz! :) She/he is a brother/sister of Rachel Ann Go :)

See that fitting form? Its adjustable! You can change its bust, shoulder, waist size and so on. So you can shape it just like your body :)

Here's one of our lecture. But I wont post too much.

Here's another one. See those numbers? yikes!

The sewing room. Please excuse the fan. The whole FIP is centralized air conditioned :)

bluuuuured :| Anw, my class schedule is from Monday to Friday. 9am to 6pm

Teacher Oz Go on the making :)

This shitzu is just so lovely! That's the great thing about FIP. You can bring pets! hihi.

So that's it! Too bad I didn't had a chance to have a group picture with my friends/classmates.
Well anyway, I still have my 2nd chance! Because this first week of August will be my first day hihi


hey dollies! I have a good news for you today! :) One of my sponsors, Romwe, is having a clearance sale for a week! I regret that I already used my cash credits that they sent me for this month (See the items that I bought HERE) :( Anw I'm still thinking to buy some of their stuffs because the prices really dropped low!
Hurry! Before the clearance sale ends! :)

Jul 24, 2012

FOREVER21 at Mall of Asia

Finally! One of my favorite brands, Forever21 will open at Mall of Asia this July 27, 2012! 

You better be early because the early birds will get P500.00 Discount coupon for single receipt of P3000.00

yeeehaa! It's getting easier to access our favorite shop! I can head to Mall of Asia's Forever21 whenever I'll be coming from school. While I can head to SM North (The Block) whenever I'll be coming from home. hihi.. How I wish for a walk-in closet full of FOREVER21 items. :>


Jul 23, 2012

DDG Magazine Grand Launch

Way back 2009, There's a modeling and fashion social group who asked me to join them. It became a a success and hit on facebook and we conducted so many fashion shows and events. We also got featured in television shows such as Jessica Soho(GMA) as the "Most Famous Social Group in Facebook"
So, this social group is named "Drop Dead Gorgeous" and was founded by Enz Occena on Decemeber 22, 2009.
This was the first DDG  event (I think) that we had. its a fashion show :)
We are the so called "PIONEER" DDG members. haha! 
I met so many important people in this social group that became a part of my life. uggh.. I miss them so badly :')
Then this was the nth time. Notice that my hair there is already short. hihi..
Then here's another one. This event is my favorite. It is an event by Nocturnals Photographers and most of the models are DDG. 
superstar lng ang peg ko dyan! :))

one of our sponsors that time. "The Bar"

For more photos of these random events Just click HERE

The group had so many ups and downs. We also have so many haters and negative feedbacks. I've been a not so active member for like a year/s until one day Enz contacted me again for this upcoming Magazine Launch. See? You should never let anyone to bring you down. If so, you will succeed! 

Finally the moment we've all been waiting for!

A new kind of magazine that showcases
exciting new features and editorials..

We present to you,
DDG Magazine.....

Philippine's newest social and lifestyle magazine.
Giving you the hottest trends in events,
fashion, people and a whole lot more..

As one of the models, I am inviting you to 

Come celebrate with us in our Red Carpet
Grand Launching on July 26, 2012, 7:00PM at PRIVÉ Luxury Club.

We're gonna have a party rockin good time!

see you there!
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