The Man of My Dreams :) (Since 2005)

I would like to greet Gelro Roldan, my boyfriend a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ☺
On this day,  on his birthday, I want him to be the happiest person in the world because he’s one of the most important person in my life now. Everyone, please meet my boyfriend. ☺  

At first, I thought that I’m the hardest person I know in my life… (Pusong Bato nga daw >.< ) I already met a lot of guys. (I know, a lot of guys whom I’m talking about, will gonna be reading this. And a lot of my closest friends will laugh and testify what I am talking about. Haha! ) Yes, I broke  and still breaking a lot of guys’ hearts. I made a lot of guys and girls fought because of me. Nah, I’m not bragging here, this is not a walk in the park. I am the realest person that I know in my life. With so being real to myself, I hated it for breaking a lot of guys’ hearts… I always repeat what I do to them. What I say to them. I always give hope to them and make them believe that I love them as well. But honestly, believe it or not, I didn’t mean to do those. I’m a real person and what I told them are all true. It’s just that I always “thought” that he is already the one. HAHAHA yuck, cornie diba? >.< , Now you are knowing the real me. Right now, while writing this, I’m laughing or let’s just say, smiling -  because I remember how I used to get tired of my friends being tired of me. Everytime I introduce them or tell a story to them about a guy, what all of them; the closest persons in my heart from different group of friends, will tell me “Narinig ko na yan trish”. “Nasabi mo na yan trish”. “Nangyari na yan Trish” Do you know what is that thing that I always tell them? The good things and how I like that guy differently from all of the guys that I found.  It’s just a repeating process. I already learned a lot of good guy qualities that fits on my “Mr. Right” list. From models to basketball players, from Super rich to not so rich, from super matured to immature,  even confused guys (more like gays) which I thought a real man. And the list goes on. And that made me a picky one. Whenever I see something about that guy that turns me off, even once, I leave them. And easily pick another guy again. Take note! I don’t declare them on my social media accounts unless they became my official boyfriend. (That’s why it’s so unnoticeable unless you are close to my heart hehe). I got tired of breaking guy’s heart. I got tired of hoping that sooner or later, I will find the person who will always be there for me and give the love and affection that is lacked in my life. Well, it will be so easy for you to tell me that I am still young. I also said that to myself for so many times. But my case is different. I am living alone for how many years already; I get everything I want, except for one thing, to have a life where I don’t have to eat, go home and sleep alone at night. I want to have a day which I don’t have to say the word “goodbye” to my friends or anyone else because all of us need to go home on each houses.  I already get used to it though. Pero I’m telling you, nakakasawa. I want a life with someone. A serious relationship and a stable life. A life where I have that person whom I will talk and think at the start and at the end of the day. A family. (Minsan nga gusto ko na talaga magka-baby, para hindi lang sila Coby and Princess-my dogs, yung sasalubong sakin whenever I go home. Hehe)

Yes, I so easily get inlove. And I can easily move on as well. But this time is different. When I met this guy again, all I can say is “Akala ko lang pala “love” na yung mga last times… Hindi pala” Because this guy, after so many years in my life, he taught me and made me feel what is the REAL meaning of “Love”… #CheezeBols 

Oh yes, this guy made me write what I am writing right now which I don’t usually do. Which I say “Cornie” before. I’m not saying that he asked me to do this, this is just my way of expressing my feelings ☺ 

It was year 2005 since we first met.  We are good friends since then. We even became “phone pal” hahaha! We talk and spend the night talking to each other until morning. Talking about nothing and even talking about our girls and guys that time. (Oh Highschool days. Haha!) I didn’t think of him becoming my boyfriend. He’s JUST a good friend of mine.  He’s a badass, “mayabang” and most of all “BABAERO” guy but a good friend.  Communication started to fade since college. But we didn’t lose it. We still catch up from time to time. For like how many years, 5 years maybe, we always plan to see each other again but it’s not happening. But then, after my Singapore-Malaysia soul searching  trip :)), the time that I was so depressed, July 11, 2014; We meet again. And this was the day that it all it started. 

I didn’t expect anything about what will happen next after we met. Neither didn’t even think of it. It was just really a friendly date for me. As in friendly catch up lang.  I even said to him that I’m tired of guys and I will stop having guys in my life for a while first; I also even told him that I even got to the point which I already like girls more than guys. But suddenly, things changed. Things happened so fast! Unlike the usual guy-me situation which is “The courting to friend zoning” process; this guy, made me fall so fast. I think sya na yung sinasabi nilang “Mahahanap mo rin yung katapat mo Trish”… He loves me so much that it made me hard to believe him. Alam mo yung feeling na hindi makapaniwala. But that love is consistent. It was so fast and it is so real. He is the only guy that made me feel this way. It’s not the usual “Akala ko ganun pala sya pero kabaligtaran”; No, It's like this, I know he's a bad ass ever since, and yes, he still is. Kasi he’s the guy na merong ipagmamayabang. it doesn’t change. He is still the badass and bully Gelro Roldan that I know. I learned his bad qualities first (I still love him for being those) before I learnead, and still learning every good things about him. In everyday that I’m with him, in every information that I learn and discover about him, makes me fall in love with him every single day since the day that we met again. For the closest friends to my heart, sabihin nyo na sakin ngayon na “Narinig ko na yan trish”, Believe me or not, This is the first time that I will tell these; His quality is the combination of all the good qualities that I saw on each of the guys that I met before. He is the only guy that I can say to myself  na “I am sure with this guy”. Well, he told me that first - “Ngayon lang ako naging ganito kasigurado sa babae. Yung mga dating akala ko mahal, wala lang pala yun. Eto pala yung tunay.” He said. I didn’t feel the same that much at first. But after the things that happened, I am 100% sure, that I love this guy. Never felt this before… He made me believe in forever again… (Syempre nung una puppy love pa lang and cornie pa kaya nasasabi ko yung forever) This time, it’s the real “forever” that I want to have. We are both a product of a broken family and we both want to have a happy family in the future. Yes, I found the guy whom I can see as my future husband. I saw the guy whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. The guy who made me get ready to be crazy in love with. The guy who made me gets out the best and craziest side of me. The guy that I can say that I will never regret to love. 

This guy is so different. He always says that he hates a lot of things about me and lot of things that I do. Things I do that I barely notice wrong. But despite of all those things, he always says how much he loves me and he even don’t understand why. You know what the best part is? He doesn’t only say it, HE SHOWS IT. He doesn’t even have to say how much he loves me because he always makes sure that I feel it everyday. He never missed opening the car doors for me; be it going out or entering in. He has the sense of humor that I always wanted in a guy. He always makes me smile and makes me laugh in every simple things, jokes and ways that he can do. He knows all the household chores! Even knows it better than me. He always cooks food for me. Which I barely have the chance to eat(house cooked foods) because I just always buys outside. Uhm, He's my house carpenter as well. Hihi. Anddd, He always bully me >.< but I always find it sweet. It’s just his way of “paglalambing”. He tells things to me so straight to the point and frankly. It is just me who don’t listen. But he never gets tired of telling those things to me which are for the good of me even if I’m so “matigas ulo”… He is so real but still mysterious that makes me even fall in love more. He’s really a “Man”. He claims me. He is so proud of me. He always brings my bag in anywhere we go. (Nun pala bading. Type pala talaga nya yung bag ko. HAHAHA! joke :)) He always says that he’s gay but it’s a No-No! There’s no even a single thing that made me think that he’s a gay. Pinipikon lang talaga nya ko). He brings it and all of the stuff we buy because he says that he doesn’t want me to get tired. Hihi. He supports me in everything I do right. He appreciates me, and even if he doesn’t tell me, he makes me feel that I am much appreciated. He’s a man of his words. When he said that he loves me so much that he can even tattoo our anniversary on his body, he shockingly did! I even didn't know why he did said that. What more that he did it? O.O And take note, it's his first tattoo! (I love him so much so I tattoed it too. Haha! Only that it's not my first time). See? When I say he's a man of his words, then he's a man of his words. If he says that he don’t like this, nor he don’t want me wearing and doing that, he means it. He doesn’t tolerate me on the unnecessary things that I do but never dictates my happiness. He’s happy if I’m happy. He don’t say it, but I can feel it.  He buys me sweet stuff and makes me feel like I’m a princess yet he always treats me as a queen. He serves me and do whatever I want the whole day; Like if I want to eat there, go there, I want that, I want this, etc. He even spends his time accompanying me in the salons and spas! ☺ Buys me foods while having my facial done, even reminds me when is my next laser session would be. He reminds me about all the important agendas in my life; be it about business or school. Despite of those reminding stuff, he is the person who most believes in me. He knows me so well that he believes and trust me that I can do such things. He knows every side of me; Even my darkest stories. I didn’t even bother to doubt on telling him even the greatest secret in my life that only myself knows. He chose me over anyone else. Yes that’s true. Only him did that to me. He knows how to fight for me so well. For him, it's "you and me against the world." If only I can tell you every single details… 

There are a lot of things about him that I can fall in love repeatedly every single day. No doubt that there are already a lot of girls who was victimized by his “kababaerohan” haha!. Guess what? He’s also like me, he’d been with a lot of girls already before finding what real love is. Her friends, even his mom says that he changes girl just like how he changes his underwear. Oh, It seems like we’re a karma to each other huh? :”> Moving on, Do you know what impressed me more? He is a Dean’s Lister and Academic scholar before he graduated. He do business and stuff to earn his own money. He is so smart and witty! He’s a man with a sense. We talk about knowledgeable and informational stuff. I even got amazed when he was able to train my 5-year old favorite dog-Coby on how to do tricks and be disciplined. He even became almost my “tour guide ala kuya kim” when we went to a zoo. Nah, stop thinking what you think, It’s not funny, I fall in love with him even more because of the way he talks. “Nakakalaglag-panty” yung American accent nya every time he speaks in English. He’s so good in speaking in English. I find his voice so hot but sweet and smart. Most especially when he says how much he loves me in his American accent while looking straightly and sincerely into my eyes. “I love you more than you love yourself.”, “I love you more than you can Imagine”., “You’re the prettiest and sexiest girl in the world for me”.  Haha! It seems like he’s just fooling me noh? Nangbobola lang ba? Nah. It takes a lot of bullying before he can say those words to me. And the feeling is just so AMAAAAAZING :”> Whenever I get mad or "pikon" to him, he knows very well how to please me. He will just hug me right away, become sweet to me and dadaanin sa joke and another pangpipikonGrabe lang, because that is really what I want on how to please me.  I got shocked the first time we had an argument because that's what he did. Because he mastered me already, super bilis lang namin magaway hihi. 

“Bakit ko pa kaylangang manligaw? Sabi nga ni Marcos kay Imelda diba, I don't believe in courtship. It's a waste of time. If I love a person, I'll tell her right away. But for you, I'll make an exception, just love me now, and I'll court you forever” <3 <3<3 He once told me this. Personally. (When I say he told me, or he says to me, then he literally says it to me. Not through text or any form of communication; everything were said personally and the way I stated, using his handsome accent hihi) 

I admit, he didn’t court me neither ask me if I can be his girlfriend… It was a perfect moment, and perfect timing, when he gave me a ring and asked me “Andree Patricia Zorilla dela Cruz, will you spend the rest of your life with me?” Oh… I was so speechless that time. There are butterflies in my tummies. Literally! Hihi. He's my Marcos. He courts me everyday :D Oh wait! Before I forget, He sings a song to me. Always! And in all fairness, he has a good voice! And all the songs that he sings are for me and every lyrics has a feelings. Hmmm.. What more? He baby talks to me. Riding all the crazy things that I do. I’m his baby. His Princess, and his Queen…  I know it because that’s what he makes me feel every single day. He mastered how to make me happy. Even if I'm on my tantrums-mode-on. :)) I found a partner in life. Be it in crime or humanity. I got even shocked when I found the one who will cry together with me whenever I watch emotional-with-sense movies. He didn’t intend to, it’s just what he really is. And again, it’s so AMAZING. Gelro, the badass-bully-babaero guy that I know, will have his tears fall because of that kind of movies? Ah… That feels so comfy and touching. We both wipe each other’s tears and it feels more amazing knowing that the tears are not caused by us.  By the way, he also smiles and get happy easily with all the “mababaw” things, movies or shows. And he is even so “kenkoy” and act a lot of crazy and wacky things just to make me smile.  He appreciates things so easily ☺ He even appreciates the smell of my armpit even if it is the end of the day already! Haha! And guess what? He kisses it and it tickles me. :> haha! 

My boyfriend and I do all the things together. It’s even a first time for both of us to have a haircut with a girlfriend/boyfriend. We do business together; be it his business or my business. We call, chat or sms each other and act like we're far away to each other even if we're just inches apart. Crazy huh? Hihi. Hmm. We go shopping together-yes he loves fashion too! (Medyo conyo and maarte manamit tong boyfriend ko pumorma eh. Haha!) We eat together (Finally, I will never eat alone), We brush our teeth together, clean the house together, prepare the foods together, do grocery together, and the list goes on. . . Oh, you know what’s cuter about us? We do some exercise by exchanging our knowledge and performing skills about MMA and cheerleading stuff. Yes, he practiced Mixed Martial Arts and it impressed me a lot and made me feel that every time that I am with him, no one can ever touch me and do bad things to me. He even taught me how to do some self-defenses so I can protect myself whenever he’s not around. AHHHH.. I feel so protected whenever I’m beside him. He’s such a brave but a gentle man in his own ways. I love him. 

"Contentment, Happiness, and Love. That's the three things that you made me feel" He said. Then I felt so magical. We both feel the same. I am now sure that our feelings are mutual. We share the same feelings. Our hearts are tied to each other. "There's only 2 things that I can promise to you- Una, na gwapo na talaga ako at hindi na magbabago yun. Pangalawa, I will never give up on you" He said again. I asked him one time, "hindi ba masyadong mabilis and baka mabilis din mawala?" "Ako naniniwala ako sa, it's not about how long you've been together. It's about how you spend that time being together. That's us. Trish, sobrang mahal kita na lahat ng nagawa ko sa mga ex ko, napagkasya ko gawin sayo and higit higit pa ng sobra sa loob lang ng 2 weeks" Definitely a fact that everyone can testify even if he don't tell. Ahh... Speechless... Now I know... This is what love is...  

I can’t explain and detail every thing about him and what he does to me. But All I can say is that this guy gave a color to my life; not only in my life, but also in my house. Because of him, I started to call my house a home ☺ Finally, I started using my kitchen and living room again ☺ He completes the missing piece in my life. He made me feel and understand every lyrics of a love song.  (Literally pala yung mga meaning nun? Haha! I’m such a stone! >.< ) Moving on, This man is a DREAM COME TRUE to me. I found my other half. I found my soon-to-be husband. Yes I am sure about what I am saying. I love this man ☺

Gelro Tolentino Roldan, I am the luckiest girl to be loved by a man like you (Oh yes I’m happy because sakin ka lang din naging ganyan. I believe and feels it) :D ☺ And I wanna say sorry for all that things that I did to make you cry (Hinding hindi na kita pagaantayin ng 3 hours because I chose my friends :( I was wrong that time...) I am so sorry for doing all the things that you don’t want. But I will promise you, it takes time and it will all be worth it ☺  Yam, I wanna thank you for making me love you more and more every single day. I wont get tired of loving you. I know and I can feel that you do too. We will do and make our dreams come true together. We will do things together until we get old. We will fight for each other and never give up. Diba that’s a promise? :”> We will have the life that we both want in OUR future. We will grow old together. We will spend our birthdays together forever; be it any other occasions pa.  I will never get tired of being crazy with you Yam. You are Mine… And I am yours…Always remember that I love everything about you... Your smell, your touch, your voice... I love even all of your flaws. I will never stop making you happy; because I’m happy whenever you are happy. I will never stop loving you. I love you so much Yamyam ☺ Happy Happy Birthday :) 

Your Sexy Girlfriend,

Hahaha! :*


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